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Terms are not available for all boats or in all situations. Thank you for listening to the AP Radio Network. Hey did you know that the Associated Press produces news related books here's what's new and upcoming first pet presidential dogs cats and other critters deadly force the Hubble telescope a universe of new discovery and many more visit AP .org slash books to purchase or visit Amazon Barnes and Noble .com or iBooks. I'm Ben Thomas with an AP news minute the Labor Department kicked off Labor Day weekend with the release of the August jobs report 187 ,000 added unemployment up but to a still low 3 .8 % in sports news the Coast Atlantic Conference is going coast to coast adding Stanford California and SMU next year to become the latest for and conference getting cool on baseball's pitch clock major league baseball is keeping the pitch clock the same for the postseason as it was for the regular season brushing aside urging from some players following an MLB executive council meeting this week the commissioner's office informed the competition committee there will be no change the committee adopted the clock ahead of the 2023 season along with restrictions on defensive shifts and larger bases the average time of a nine inning game has dropped from three hours four minutes last year to two hours hours and 39 minutes so far this season on track to be the fastest since 1984 ball and i'm ben thomas it's a six game winning streak and a seven game overall lead for two ten inning win over the dodgers orlando arcea launched the three -run homer in the tenth putting atlanta on the brink of a four -game sweep of the nl west leaders i feel like i've always said i always go out during the every at uh... bat with focus and uh... during those situations i just do everything that i can to help the team win that was our see it through an interpreter ronald lacuna junior homer for the third straight game bryce elder works six six strong innings as the braves earned their ninetieth victory rice alexis allowed a run in the test before getting the save i'm dave fairy the oriel's were staring at their third straight loss before erupting for six runs in the fourth inning of a seven three downing of the diamond backs oriel's manager brandon hyde we can score in bunches and do it quickly and kind of missing that here lately but that was a great offensive inning arizona led to nothing until cedric mullins and loaded a three -run homer adam fraser back rb i doubles in the evening and adlai rutchman followed with the run scoring single that was more than enough offense for kyle braddish who's ten and six after allowing two runs in four hits over six innings i'm dave fairy he's improving yeah i'm not i'm not i can't i'm not i can't sound like disappointed with how he's played but he's got to get better to my newborn baby boy the day you arrived was one of the happiest days my of life right up there with the day i bought my rv from that guy on the internet and insured it with what a deal just

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