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His injuries. The tea is in the process of notifying family members. The general manager of the NBT calls it a terrible accident and the Mbita is mourning the loss of life. We have breaking news in a minute. But right now it's 12 33 tropical weather together. Let's started off by saying Good afternoon, Kevin Brennan watching things for you as you drive with the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes, Kevin All right. Lower getting a situation here. Downtown soldier's field, Brody's found You got slowdowns approaching an over high truck just before Western ABS will be careful. They're probably got state police head now to them right now rested downtown, though looking pretty good. Not too bad through the airport tunnels. 93 a nice ride over the second bridge through the O'Neill tunnel If you leaving the city, though, on Route one North found the Tobin Bridge outbound. Watch out that ramp to fourth Street and Chelsea is shut down for work today till about three o'clock this afternoon, Not down in Milton, Blue Hill Avenues jam both directions here Approaching more crews at Brush Hill Road. That's right, 1 38 and then farther down in Canton Room, 1 38 Turnpike Street closed both directions between New Boston Drive and Dan Road. For down utility lines from last night. We do have detours set up in that area for 95, south bound tap of the brakes of the road work after exit for Rue 105 here in Middleborough and Root three south bound slowdowns approaching right lane work on the sag More bridge here heading on Cape. This report sponsored by T Mobile for Business T Mobile business Advantage Get up to 90 Days of unlimited free on business plans via bill.

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