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Com slash v._i._p. It's keeps keith and the girl going and we're so proud of it and there's endless content content there and if you have the free keith and the girl up listen on the listen on the road listen on the go yeah it it makes you get your files. In order really sweet you can create a feat of your your own so you can get like the keith and the girl show too drunk minimum the last week and it all come out in order. It's really fun. That's true whatever you like like. Maybe my drunk stories makes you relapse that. You're not ready for that. Yeah so you leave that you can actually create the feed that you want so this way. If we put out a what's my name like i haven't put out a what's my name in a while but i found a good one that will pop up because because you subscribe to that too right and of course later this week you'll be able to hear the we in your feed like regular keeping the girls shows can also easily pass this other people by going to keep the girl dot com slash dad all the daddy males when i've been pretending on my ex wife talking to my dad hitting on him because my dad reached out up to my ex wife behind my back and i'm looking at when this whole thing started putting these clips together five months ago a long time to pretend tenure your ex-wife april eighteenth in that time his ex wife got engaged again like no joke time tone bell and rojo perez were on the i show when i brought up the data emails believe soon after that paul hooper joined us ladies and gentlemen featured on red eye h._b._o. Comedy festival festival bridgetown comedy festival gotham comedy live access t._v. Paul hooper hey now hey good man..

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