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Know. it's so funny because mark echoed my good times and that's going to echo his too bad. That's exactly what i have written down in my notes right here. Kevin harvick finishing twenty second having a not great day. But then i think about the stat that you guys share during the broadcast of the fact that you know we're sixteen races in to the season and he's lead only thirty nine laps and hasn't even really sniffed a win yet the season and when you look at where. He was last season compared to where he is this season. It is very very clear that that team They need to go back. To the drawing board. Stewart haas as a whole But especially kevin harvick when you look at where. He was Last year compared to where he is this year You know certainly still in the hunt for for the championship in the points and everything like that but the fact that they don't have a win yet just is not indicative of what you expect to see from kevin harvick's so i think that that's definitely something that they need to look at. And then you know i had. I had on my notes that a few drivers that we're looking at great runs Just had that foiled for them at the end of the race from race incidents. And i have alfreido and mcdowell as As mark mentioned by christopher bell. I thought he had a pretty good ratio. He's a road course winner. This season and i was looking for him to my fantasy lineup. I was looking for him to do really well unfortunately had a late race incident and ended up finishing in the twenty somewhere so that was a bad day for them. To michael mcdowell got spun at turn ten on the last lap. He's going to have a top ten finish then he gets turned around and i think when he a. I want to say this though about kevin. Harvick's team you know his car. Got all messed up. The hood off of his crew members went and cut the hood of the car in pieces and gave it to fans. Oh that's cool up into the grandstands and handed it out to people that's making. That's making lemonade. And when you look at what happened today you know. It was not of their making granted. They weren't really contending for the win. They weren't one of those fast three drivers that we talk about You know today that that we thought for sure what's going to have a chance at the win so you look at that and you say okay yet. They definitely need to work on on some things but the fact is is that what took them out of the race today was really not of their making. So you know the other thing. I think you have to think. About what stewart. Doug ford isn't exactly set in the world on fire right now. Chevy with hendrick leading the way. In kyle larson their hot hendrick four wins in a row four for chevy in a row but joe gibbs racing hanging in there right. They've got five wins four toyota four again. They seem to be a little bit behind the eight ball. Penske is better than stewart. Haas and stewart haass's case penske has three veteran drivers. You know you have kozlowski lugano and blaney over at stewart. Haas ya got. Kevin harvick in amaral is considered a veteran custer. Sophomore season year for chase briscoe if harvick's not running well nobody's running well and right now. Ford appears to be a little bit behind the eight ball in stewart haas a little bit behind. Penske we'll dive into that a little bit more. Because i still think that's one of the mysteries that this year I'm gonna. I'm gonna give a bad time to everybody. That wasn't kyle larson again. Because i i i think. There was a point of evid ability in that race and keep restarted twenty-second at one point and we were sitting there. And he's knocking off two or three cars in a row and the next thing you know he's leading and thinking he can do that on a road. Course without the aid of caution flags or other. Weirdness you're not going to beat him and doug. It's not very long before. Were back at the road course. There's not enough time for teams to really go back and find enough to beat. Kyle larson if kyle larson goes to road. America and rolls off the truck like this. We're going to see this again. Yeah i think you know it's funny that you mentioned that doug that it's kind of call arson against the field because you're right every single driver. That was not call. Larson today had to be thinking. What the heck are they doing that. Were you know. Because he is just dominating everything and that's got to make everybody else feel just a little bit. You know small. Did you see him slip attire. Did you ever see that car out of control car went out wide even a foot. He was able to just turn hard right. Turn left and dr underneath them. Had good forward bite. I mean he never slipped. Tire never looked out of control. Any past karzi led the ray. What did he do. And it's not just winning back to back races. We see that happen a lot. It's the way carl larsson has won back to back races. He want all the stages charlotte and that race had three stage breaks so he got greedy and took everything and won the race there and here we just have to. He wins both of those and he was never really contested coming up. We will hear some audio from our winning race. Car driver kyle. Larson will also catch up with his crew. Cheat cliffs daniels right here on fast talk. Are you going forty miles an hour. This is a residential area. Sure but i'm on my lawnmower. Wait am i getting ticket. No i've just never seen anyone top nine miles an hour on one of those bad boys and mother attire lawn and thirty.

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