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News alert. I'm Jane Metzler a mass shooting in Pittsburgh. It happened at the tree of life synagogue in the squirrel hill neighborhood. Local media now reporting eight people are dead this Pittsburgh police officials saying a short time ago. The suspect in the shooting is in custody. We have multiple casualties inside the synagogue. We have three officers who have been shot at this time. We have no more information because we are still clearing the building and trying to figure out if the if the situation is safe if there are any more threats inside the building the gunmen described as a heavy set white male eyewitnesses say he burst into the building shouting antisemitic slogans before opening fire police continue to rescue people who were hiding inside that synagogue a suspicious package. Also left inside the building officers are checking that out people in the neighborhood being told you shelter in place and nearby. Carnegie Mellon University is on lockdown a Florida man accused of sending pipebombs to several prominent Democrats remains in federal custody. The saturday. Multiple agencies working together use DNA fingerprint and pangs for a cell phone tower to hunt him down nabbing him at an auto parts store parking lot in south Florida in two thousand two set was charged with threatening to bomb a utility company saying it would be worse than September eleventh in two thousand fourteen he admitted in a deposition that he was arrested for calling in a bomb threat. And in two thousand fifteen sack was arrested later convicted of theft. The fifty six year old will be in court on Monday. Fox's Todd pyro a British human rights organization and an ISIS link news agency, claiming Islamic state gunmen killed at least forty US backed Syrian fighters. A video of six fighters captured alive.

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