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Big 12 in the SEC are going to have the argument that our teams played enough games. We are ready to go. Let's get to this college football playoff. Let's get to, um it maybe Florida and Georgia make it If Ohio State only plays for games you I'm saying like like And how much of it is what? We were not sitting around waiting for the Pac 12 the play there Six games. They can't figure it out in the West. Sorry If the big 10 has more cancelations, they can't figure it out. Sorry. Like how much of this factors in that the big 12 in the SEC have been playing basically the entire fall. So this is this is the issue with college football guys when there's no one presiding over the sport, Thea idea that it's just willy nilly. And the South is Adam. And I know the South is just gonna prevail, No matter what. The SEC in the big 12 We'll do whatever they want to do. And you guys over there and out West Mountain West and the Pac 12 if you don't catch up to us, if you're canceling games too bad, we've got our lot of games here. So we're gonna name a national champion. Imagine if you have someone in place. This is like you, Adam and says Wait, Hold on a second. Wait. Let's just wait until we could get all the compliment The games available. Whether we guys find a schedule, not name a national champion. Even if it takes till March, we will find a way to have a national champion and make it fair. But being so, willy nilly and like they only got seven or eight games and we're gonna go through our schedule. We're gonna plow through no matter what they do to me. It just shows you the unbalanced in this sport. As much as we love it. There needs to be someone to take the reins of the thing and say This is not right. We'll also to what who you're gonna find this especially, I think with Ohio State, right? Ohio State was out there from the jump. We want to play. We want to play. They organize that the million dad rally at Big 10 headquarters. Yeah, like 66 that's showed up with you do stuffed in their pocket and new balance shoes. Exactly. Well, don't don't knock new bounces. Um, so about the hype. Chance. Alright how his new balances dungarees with the mountain dew tucked in the back pocket in the other back pocket has the choo Oh, wait! What? Walking What I owe walking through the Home Depot Speaking on speakerphone Wide open what? You could hear the conversation that they all congregated in Rosemont. Uh, Big 10 headquarters. I'm gonna go out here and I'm gonna go work out and I'm gonna go get me a cup of coffee. That's David Capital Go anybody so mother left this week. They were canceled because Maryland didn't have enough players to play the game. Right? Should they have to cancel another game, and it's not their fault. Are they the ones if if you know some commissioner or whatever. He picked the college football Committee decides Well, you only played four games. We're not letting you in and they go well. It's not our fault that we didn't play for games. We were ready to play. How is this our problem? Then you have a thing. You have a problem, you know, And I think we talked about this week one of this show this season. Like there is a little bit of old history college football charm. We're like, not everything has to be the same. Like back in the day. There were two national champions named right. The AP and the Coachespoll would decide who the champion is right. Like like before the BCS days like I'm talking about way back in the day that you'd have a champion from the West Coast. Because no one on the East Coast saw us he play and then you'd have a champion in the South. No one saw Alabama play out west. So Obama's a champion, Nebraska's a champion in the Midwest, like there's something a little bit charming, like I I get it. It makes no sense and there should be someone Being the czar of college football. But like coach football has never really quite made sense. When it comes to figuring out a champion figuring out schedules and making sure everything is even this isn't you know the NFL or the MLB were like everybody gets the equal opportunity. Well, you're right. Controversy is always reign Supreme. Around God. Football. It's been that way for a long time, because actually, that gives us an attraction for the sports. Who is number one, and it's like clearly cause he's the one undefeated and here comes his team. But if if you ever needed someone to be able to present of the sport during a pandemic, it's now do you you want your team screwed out the opportunity to get to the final four because you're not playing the same amount of games. As the teams in the big 12 or if your team is doing well, right and you're just a USC is going undefeated. You want a piece that by, don't you? I do. But there's always a team screwed because, like, Look at teams from the past we we've had undefeated teams You left out of the college football playoff before, but this is their year. But this is the year because if Ohio State doesn't play enough games BYU gets in You know well, and so that that could also lead to another conversation. Overall is like is this the one year that they should expand the playoff? I am vocally against expanding the college football playoff. I think it dilutes than the regular season and dilutes what college football is special about like I Each week. Something great could happen. And that's why college football is so fantastic to watch. But maybe this is the year that you say Okay, we're taking eight teams and these eight teams. We're going to try the conduct of playoff in a bubble and uncomfortable. But you never know in a bubble like setting with rapid testing, and we try and figure it out. How about by the way? This is the one time Adam? Is the one time where you're not considering who travels to determine who gets a top old game or goes to the final four, right? Because usually that's the case. They take us see, Because this he would travel Alabama. Another name would get a lot more shine if they if they were fans in the stands. You see if I've lost Michigan team in the ball. I mean, you know how that works. Think that that's no question about that, because travel because they travel right? But this is not the case. It's like wherever you're gonna go. It won't be a full house. It'll just be a complement of fans are certain family certain myself, you know, So now you can get your pure undefeated boy. UCF boy, You're late on the way to the party. What if this is gonna be your opportunity here? Well, I mean, like it's the BYU could get in this could you know? Open the door for them? If Ohio State doesn't play enough games, if if the you know I love that the sec said that they can make up l s u Alabama on the same day as the S E. C championship game. Like Alabama is not going to be playing in the S E. C championship game. Also, you're just gonna have these games cannibalize your championship game. So you're gonna thank you sidestepped that when? When Reese was asking about that this morning, he was, Oh, we the dates at the end of The SEC count are flexible, but he doesn't want the college football playoff to be flexible. Okay, coming up with get a C C T Score board our first of the day, And also we preview the catch. Go cats, Can they go undefeated Taking on Purdue will hear from Pat Fitzgerald, Jeff Prom and our guy that's doing color Our guy Ted Albrecht will get his thoughts. All part of the mix Right here on CCTV, ESPN.

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