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This bestball for my son is absolutely goes wish boiler appointed him out and he was like i any waved to him and you know my son just love stuff out of love them into death he has a steph jersey and yet as an lot of little kids like steph because they feel like they have a chance yes he represents an everyman yes which kind of makes you go i if i work hard enough i could do that yeah i have a whole vet about how i'll men still think professional sport as long as like they're just like i just hit the jim couple more days no like i had scott aplomb us self judo at laura i know it's filled doesn't go away and like landi well yeah because whether you played high school or college sports you feel like i can i can do this and then you stand next to an athlete in your like yeah i'm not it's it's not aside the realm of reasonable i mean i'm his size six two six three the you have has got oh i acted exactly and then when you see a play you realize the speed and the lettuces them and the skill set and you're like if you're on us if you're honest person you go i just i i don't know what i was thinking i don't know why ever thought that but dole ever do that the rope knock academia agriculture's man's going to say that let's i like i watched the nfl draft with my boyfriend every year and he's always like so nervous and forever i thought it was just because he didn't know it should which team like who his team is going to take and then i was like oh he thinks they're going to call his name thinks that could happen.

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