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That begins today as a matter of fact. Stalking. Earlier about officers killed in the line of duty as in this town. This community will be saying farewell to officer. Dale woods killed a little over a week ago. Struck by another vehicle while responding to another accident scene pretty much the exact same thing happened over the weekend. Apparently. And in this case, it was a l- annoy the Illinois state police mourning the death of trooper Chris Lampert. Who was fatally struck Saturday evening on I two ninety four. The thirty four year old state police trooper was responding to a crash when he was struck and killed by another vehicle. Early Sunday this past morning. His body was escorted with full police honours to the Cook County medical examiner's office is colleagues lined the procession route. Obviously police say this is a tremendous loss that should have never happened. Lambert the fourth state trooper killed in service district fifteen downers grove. Last last death was March of twenty thirteen similar scenario and other troop of struck by a vehicle in nearly the same spot is Lampard. In this. Kate Lampard survived by a wife a one year old daughter. Yeah. So they say he was actually headed home when he stopped at the scene of a three vehicle crash in the northbound lanes. To offer assistance about four thirty in the afternoon. Parctised police cruiser in the left lane. It was outside of his car. When the when another vehicle hit him. Well. So they say he was he was stopping to do whatever he could to protect the people. He sees a three-car crash. He positions his vehicle in the laid to save the lives of the people in the crash. Off-duty an off duty nurse administered CPR at the scene, and he was taken to the Glenn brook hospital was pronounced dead at about seven thirty that evening. So we these kind of things with people not paying attention out there on the roadways. It's just it's heartbreaking. All right, shadow wolf. Yeah. Welcome back. Yeah. Thanks for all the over gap before we ain't know if I do have a whole lot too, but it's a lot quicker than.

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