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I don't know question back to the theme park staff, if you had a choice between going to itchy and scratchy land or Duff gardens, which would you choose itchy and scratchy land with think gardens, but it's scratch land characters more characters there's more. You know, there's I p I love IP basically Disneyland. So you get that gardens kind of feels like I mean, they're playing Busch gardens universally thing. Then there's plenty of Disney references in that too. But yeah, it's a in that. Yeah. I like the IP Vicini scratchy more than the Duff IP. So you know, that's all I'm going on. I p here. That's that's good. And then all of the characters universe, which one. Do you think you relate to the most? Yeah. That is a good. I do feel like the older I get I do almost relate to Lisa more. Because as a kid, it's all like BART's, cool cool. And then I get a little older, I discovered homers Alaria. And then I don't relate to Bard or Homer later as much. I mean, EV you relate told them, but like Lisa is so relatable. And so especially those early episodes where it's like a little bit sweeter. Yeah. Her and barter having their sibling time now when I feel like she gets to be a kid the most like when she gets to just sort of stretcher legs and be a kid. Yes, I agree with you too. There's also plenty of because she has to be like this is actually what she's doing here. Like, a sixteen year old would. Second grade. It doesn't will. But I yeah. It's got to be flexible shows the going for a long time. Yeah. I the one thing I was going to real at about my life with the Simpsons I've been playing Simpson's tapped up for about eight years, and I feel like I might be one of the per- people who've spent the most time playing it 'cause I'm insane. And do it every day so much still enjoy it. Yeah. I am. I am a maniac though, who's like figured out systems. Like, we're talking about on the podcast like checking and like figuring out hacks. I have farms of quickie marts and houses to farm as many donuts as I can in the game. So big you feel very good very satisfied every day your credit card point guy. Yes. And the last couple years. I you feel like you have influenced me at least. I feel like I opened a new one just to accrue points after hearing you guys talk about it on the podcast. But I'm not at the point of of like, I knew that there are systems I've seen them on shark tank. Like, these founders that are creating software that like can kind of find all the point hacks for you. And I would did you. But I I'm feeling I'm close, but not quite there. But I'm living vicariously through you. And your your pointing Sanchez L helpers job. Yeah. Yeah. So where people find you online. And what would you like to plug.

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