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Wait paulo portas who talbott died in 1973 i buffalo what's a recording to my my esteemed colleague john has just informed me that pablo picasso died in the year nineteen seventy three bro you could told me that pablo picasso died in sixteen forty eight who have number view i was reverted by leonard drove by riyadh i learned by reading a trend tweet than his thing was viewed asked me i would have had sixteen 54 i talked with gasol was route 62 hundreds dude the 1973 i'll you'll famous artist the 70s out what's that so he was just painting trash in like this '60s and 50s and '70s and arose like this fire usually that kinda should you only get big like hundreds of years later die yeah what are you tell me then goes round in the 80s but the fuck is going on here series big goal is alive voices hanging out big big forgive babe ruth fan a utah happening where he pablo picasso live what is he doing uppercuts and was tried in severed deep it it it at battle it's ridiculous they never that's my favorites we've ever from drive a bad side just another we ever right i listen i because so dirt 73 at is nuts puddle like honestly i was exaggerate with a six six eight hundred is but like you could it told me seventeen or eighteen 100 though i don't think 1600 as exaggeration oh i think that's a fine time began avocado guide azure sixty sixty forty that's columbus sale the ocean bloom casa di centa.

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