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Corning has announced what it is calling. Gorilla Glass victis very gladatorial, sounding name, which I guess is the point, because corning says it can resist a six foot drop, and has twice the scratch resistance of the old gorilla glass. According says this is the toughest. It has ever created quoting the verge. It's a little known fact. That coatings gorilla glass hasn't gotten much better at resisting keys and coins, thus scratches since two thousand fourteen gorilla glass three, and is arguably gotten slightly worse sense. Our reporting showed that gorilla glass four actually performed worse than some tests grill glass five was in the middle and gorilla glass six didn't improve any further since corning was more focused on making your phone survive. Survive a nasty tumble instead, but according claims the new victis glass. There's no gorilla glass seven. Just victis can do both drops and scratch resistant simultaneously with no known trade offs. The company says it has twice these scratch resistant gorilla glass, six four times, the resistance of competing glass and a representative victis clad dummy phone can't survive up to a two meter or six and a half foot drop. That drop resistance is nothing to sneeze at. It's a foot and a quarter higher than cording quoted for gorilla glass, six one point, six meters, or five point, two five feet, or the one point, two meters, three point nine feet. The company claimed gorilla glass five was capable of. We've theoretically gone from shoulder height to head height survivability just for years, which is good news. If you ever feel like holding your phone up to your ear, people still do that.

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