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Yeah but i think the royals can of price in the russell numberone monia and probably so they may still be in cincinnati they had blindness the celtics casey jones at thirteen in the second round yeah yeah red auerbach and jerry west those are two of the greatest of all time and i still go i and who was it mitch lawrence who had an article recently the the last day or so a basketball writer and he's writing for sporting news and he talked about how jerry west wants to go back to the lakers and he was listening to our interview with cherry and that he does wanna go back i just don't know how you would ever say i don't want that guy back in our organization if he did all of these great things for u unless that organization is trying to move on and establish there owen legacy here with magic and rob pelinka jeannie bus but if it feels like if you have jerry their jerry as a consultant but that sounds like when you you know you go visit the master there mr miandi you're probably going to get some great insights there any still so competitive that he wants to continue to prove that he's great and make the lakers great again at that's his last that's his one final chapter here is he he won another championship as a consultant with golden state but he wants his lakers to be championship quality one more time yes mclamb apparently he said to you that the lakers really have to get this right i know that sounds captain obvious and he he says it's a harder than you think and this is like the key to wear the franchises going this year particular why still think there's little unrest at the top here i'm not sold on boston going all in on mark helpful to the fact that false has worked out or is working out for sacramento.

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