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Tired here it's not Y. in Minnesota there is he still fighting in the north north it's memorial weekend right don't get your plants in the ground until after mother's day right as for the thing okay I'm inside tonight people are covered because while yeah yeah sheets I we saw so many she turned around yeah hi on my walk this morning that's the best thing beating either remember to anchor the sheet with something something I just brought all my nan yeah if you have room for that some people I say she's in flower bottles were able have planted you have to worry about the pansies but anyway the kale we're sorry hi so are I don't think he I don't think either of you guys are what are watching this you know I love anything historical fiction I don't care what it is but if a TV I'm so sad to be missing Outlander you know right now he use we have made silly comes to Hulu whatever because we don't have it anymore but on masterpiece theatres so I think it's seven or eight episodes I think we're maybe at five or six been watching with Casey world on fire and you know this one's Laura Linney introduces it in the Viking river cruise whatever master yeah yeah yeah yeah and it's World War two and it's like it's it is it will take no it isn't it's just another tape and what's interesting about it is that it's it's you know you're being of your feeling the experience of being a British at work because they were at war you know Gallagher then America was and you know living under hard circumstances and then Helen hunt plays is American news journalist whose the voice of America but better radio Berlin controls kind of what she says but that's a true part of the story it's just so it's a television television series highly recommend I don't know why I love all this were to also the focus of our the battle you know Hey I've been a bruise in Belgium and you don't kind of just different cards and member of the Dunkerque as part of this and anyway so it was seventy five years ago today that World War two came to an end in Europe Japan didn't happen until you know a few months later but it ended and it's just a few that you know I mean I love the World War two museum in any you know the war museum in Paris is really incredible I saw the what's the machine the movie was on it the code all the indignant cracker yeah did they get actual thing and anyway I really this is like my thing and you you and I have also really enjoyed some of the historical fiction I think in the Alice network were the huntress interests I love and I didn't get you know just kind of the stories two of women that are in her words so with CBS this morning had this great story and it's it said there's a new book out that this woman she's research for twenty years file on it's called the women with silver rings wings the inspiring true story of the women airforce service pilots otherwise known as wasp of World War two and she really research this for twenty years because these women just two years nineteen forty two to forty four they're the first woman in the history of U. S. military service to fly and kind of what they had to do so this in the book is getting you know of course it's just come out you know sometimes a tie our but anyway the reviews that are out there and it will tell me the name of the book and it's called the women was silver wing and I'm gonna try and figure out I mean maybe Johnny and figure out how to get a hold of this out there but here's the story from CVS because I just thought it was a cool story to know about here's the first time okay more than eleven hundred women airforce service pilots or wireless flew for the U. S. military during World War two.

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