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There was a rope tied in that shape in the first place with sports on the home of the bears Rick Greg is ready a seven eighty of one to five point nine FM W. reviews time seven forty gates traffic and weather to she is clearly still have a few suburban issues a few city issues of some of our toll way still causing you some trouble but we're going to start in Ashburn western in eighty third still backing down sort of in all directions as due to a crash and a buffalo Grove route twenty two eastbound now blocked at buffalo Grove road that's due to a rollover crash to use up to kiss sick as you're re route around its Illinois state police unlikely buffalo Grove PD are gonna be ratchet anyway that's the moment I construction already Saloni down westbound eighty eight route fifty ninety all of the roadworks at Farnsworth the ten the two right lanes were already tied up getting into those left lanes that schedule until seven AM tomorrow northbound on the tri state have a crash and the right limit half day also known as route twenty two so that's through Lake County no south bound to ninety four back up to ninety three fifty five checking in okay even struck in an okay no Kennedy delays Eisenhower's Stevenson good both ways Dan Ryan fifty seven and the bush afford all trouble free for you as well they should drive back up to normal both north and south and if you are an eighty you're looking pretty good east or west trouble free and all the Russians coming in or out of Indiana but reminder we have some ongoing construction this is an alcoholic when Algonquin road only one lane open both ways over the fox river this is due to roadwork schedule till the end of the month eastbound traffic is sharing that west bound side so just follow the detour spectrometer for some fifty newsradio seven eighty and one of five point nine FM thank you for the for a chance tonight cloudy conditions for you with a low of sixty in tomorrow mix of clouds and sunshine temperatures like today in the mid to upper seventies maybe the threat of an afternoon shower thunderstorm.

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