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Salads, the perfect touch on a hot summer day, whether today's a nice and shine a high around seventy eight then. A chance of shower or a storm either evening overnight. We'll see overnight. The low is sixty three than the mar- slight chance of rain storms. Otherwise, partly sunny and eighty five by Saturday sunny and eighty six and it's fifty two and feeling good at seven hundred wwl w wwl sports. Here's the reds weeks. RBI single bases-loaded in a tenth inning rallied, the reds to a six five win over the cubs last night. Cincinnati trail five to three in the eighth. One eight Hugh Ania Soir has tied the game with a two run Homer. But peak stepped up he was over four with three strikeouts. When he came to bat Nha bottom of the tenth with the sax loaded. The cubs using five infielders, how big of win is this, this amazing? And are we going for for tomorrow? Like a team the best we've been doing like a teen together. Bring nice moment and Fisher star praying and everybody's amazing. Now, we are trying to win get, and Joey Votto, says there were many stars in this one. Everybody takes part in to win and there has to be a new star of the game every day and you know week with the walk on Gina with that massive home run to tie back up and,.

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