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To protect us industry which is the whole point says agricultural economist lynn kennedy at luisiana state university many many countries have special commodities that they like to protect and ensure ghur is one of those for the united states and there's something for the politically powerful sugar refiners in the state's mexico will send less refined products that would compete headon gonna create more job opportunities for us refiners to actually add more value to the product except or less competition and high prices helps a few thousand sugar farmers even though three hundred million american consumers pay those prices and that's typically how the politics of protectionism works says harvard political scientist jeffrey free to us government out in one way or another there have been supporting the american sugar industry for well over a hundred years it's extremely valuable to the american sugar growers and costly to american consumers but crush we in a matter of since the sugar true smith send a signal on broader usmexico nafta tensions if this deal had fallen through boats sides had warned of new trade tariffs in retaliation so this kohl's heads for now says christopher wilson at the mexico institute of the wilson center thinktank put this shows is that the united states government despite the campaign rhetoric that was really in in we lose terms can come to the table and find mutually agreed vote solutions at least for today in washington i'm scott tong for marketplace on wall street this tuesday bumpy and down will have the details when we do than others.

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