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Off to a great start and was having a great nine here's a danny treve then on his hit on davante adams after the game no wasn't it tunes this ron host to the blocking two months before the end into apart no of sorry about that and we know resulting in a cinema mrs because you know played physical game but you never was did on but i don't think you should be is consumed the moving noting on schools in the preamble mcmaham make us thursday he's okay all right well if i was going to be suspended the possibility being suspended i would probably say what he said right there i'm going to reach out to environmental say a prayer foreign policy at another that is most of the time gaza like this is football in this way i was trained to play and this is the game he i've may not believe this words but not if you're going to be suspended you don't say this away the games went to be played you've got a guy who the carted off on a stretcher mean this is the way that i was trained to play i've always had this way well you can say that but it i would want to go you know want i'm sorry sorry that he got carried off didn't mean to hit him that hi i'm going to reach out to him i could i could still say this is what i do as a football player but if i'm gonna be suspended all of a sudden i want to be on record as saying emily sorry i'm say a prayer i'm going to reach out to him here's treve ththen on having a little back and forth with aaron rodgers after them on arron rogers after hit what was that conversation boom loses me who talking you know he like you know that is when you just one the horrors in hardest hitters in in the field he said the row of epa man says he been was he's gotta go down you know i say same thing on that one seed abney anybody space in our position wilbur liz with you know trying to win game jim patrick show brought to you.

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