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All like worried about this nigga again. 'cause I was like everybody everybody. Everybody going die. Down the rare warmer here everybody with the Magic Johnson shit. I ain't been to be here tomorrow after you get out. Are key hoard is gone. Most of the us go outta POC's die for the people to win a fail. Maybe they will stop giving them the racist. Clint Eastwood stare now. So so very ungrateful the way the I suddenly had that type formations to help the forces retreat. Stunning. Speaking of gratitude, the active play grey, worm Riley, Richie is a musician has a really dope song time in the tree the black collectors she hit him with some streams truly glad here. Masan de made it to the next episode. That was really allows for retirement for water. Yeah. Oh, man hours really mostly rooting for them to naked live. So everything really turned out. Okay. I'm glad they got the night king or whatever. But I just need him assigned. The great worm on that beach, the fight for a sir brand of tar rages on who's going to win her love in the end. Yeah. Neither Jamie your term on. So that can keep going question. Now, the night king has gone if you were to Stark's, would you would you? Trust Jamie to stay with your side and not double cross you and go back to surf daddy. I mean. Yeah. And I think also when brand when Brian's come up there and try to kill them niggers. It's going to be quite obvious. What side they have to be on a right because I think everybody gonna learn at the same time the yes, yes, we side. And I think him leaving without their army people underestimate how much how much that spoke to search. And at that point. She was like Lookie you Brin embryonic had his back in front of everybody vouching for all right? And then there's the other part where like a I think they're going to have to do something that shows everybody that certainly like is not fucking around. So I think maybe like Brian trying to kill them or some would be the ultimate like, oh, we don't even need to question their allegiance, you know. But I I don't know. I mean, I would hope that that would be the end of it. I mean, they did fight them niggers together. Well, I don't know what else to do. I mean, he was prepared to that. Yeah. The the city has a heck of a battle the the detail. They need to give the legends their flowers lately. Yana killed a giant white aria. Kill the night king Danny wilder disorder stood tall serve. React commanded those forces. Whereas all over the place overall, the fire the fire shots were studying in the ground battle amazing dragging flying above the clouds. This is more than worth it. I feel for those who don't watch yet complain why fans of the show. I haven't the time of our lives. Yeah. Be saving side to Monique aka Cam dot. Yeah. I, you know, it's funny, man. I was thinking of the day like some I use the hash tag on Twitter and says on the fucked up about the show, whatever and or nine fucked up. I just like I'd only like this rod Mobile's sometimes and the kind kinda boring. Whatever I reply back. Like, look, you know, thanks for giving us a chance. Yes. I feel. We're not for everybody. And you know, hey, totally get it. You know? I'm sure there's plenty of the shows for the listen to you know. Another person hit me up. And it was I forget what their complaint was. I was like you probably going to say stop listening. But I don't like this and other. And I said thank you for giving us a chance. You know? Right. What am I gonna say the you didn't have to listen even a little bit? You did listen Ryan, you found it not good, so cool and. And. I did I thought about gave it throws this morning. And I was like so people don't like game of thrones. And they adamantly be out here talking shit. So or they don't watch. Right. So who to fucking modern you got it like the blackout tips. Hey, man is PY here. They really not fucking with the best thing on TV. Somehow, they find it to be not adequate enough in some kind of way. And I'm like if there's people that can't like this shit, and they it's under the millions of dollars invested in this show.

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