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Otherwise, the the the the most leftist candidate Bernie Sanders would before it. So it's it's more complicated. I do think that Donald Trump and his advisors see it as a campaign issue because they would like to say that this is a purely partisan political exercise and the Democrats are trying to get him out of office because they won't accept his election. There are other Democrats who say we're eighteen months from an election. Let's let the voters decide whether Donald Trump should continue to be president or not speaking of them, according to recent polling. This is the morning consult poll a majority of Americans oppose impeachment, but a majority of Democrats support it so is this Democrats looking at constituents in some. Cases. Yes. But what was really interesting about that poll? Even though fifty nine percent of Democrats said that they supported impeachment that was down twelve points from the seventy one percent of Democrats who said they supported impeachment back in January. Now, why the drop it could be that more and more people are learning the civics lesson. You started with that? Oh impeachment isn't removal. They maybe they thought impeachment was the same thing of removal once they learn it isn't they're not for it anymore. And also a lot of Democrats would like to focus on healthcare and gun control and climate change. And they don't want impeachment to be a distraction from that. But so right now Democrats want it, but not as many as as did a couple of months ago, you heard from any Republicans even maybe off the record. So you wouldn't name them now. But who are saying, you know, maybe there is reason for impeachment. You know, maybe they do want somebody else in there. I don't think there's any Republican who is for President Trump being impeached. I think there are some Republicans who think that if the house impeached him, it would be a political benefit to them. But the president himself who tweets a lot about impeachment. Yeah. He doesn't want it to happen. But he definitely is worried about it. He's obsessed with it and rattled by it. Mara liasson. Thanks so much. Thank you. Well, today, the Islamic state claimed responsibility for the series of bombings that killed more than three hundred people at churches in hotels across Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. Meanwhile, the Sri Lankan government has not said when it lifted ban on social media that had put in place after the attacks to stop the spread of what had called false news reports for more on that part of the story. Let's go to our weekly guide to the world of tech Recode. Cara Swisher is Recode's editor at large. I care. Hi, how you doing doing? Well, and you write that when you heard that the Sri Lankan government temporarily blocked access to some social media sites like Facebook and YouTube after the bombings your I thought was good. Why? Well, you know, it's such an anathema to me that I said this because a lot of the, you know, when the shutdowns happen of of social media over the world over the past decades really now, and it's always an autocratic government. That's trying to you know, quilt descent, and that's wrong. And I obviously Emma journalist, and I I'm not a first amendment absolutist. But I certainly think that it's really important that these people have an ability to speak on these platforms. But what's happened is the people running these platforms and the companies that are running it have not taken enough responsibility for what's running over their platforms. And so they're not exactly free speech. So just a cacophony of often malevolent and false information. And they're trying to stop it. But when you shoes crisis it creates. Really problematic situation for governments which are trying to calm things down and the possibility more violence. What are the companies think about the fact that the sites were shut down in SRI locker really made a not that much noise. They said they really want to get back up because they're important to communications between the families and who were involved in the tragedy and that's hundred percent true. In some of these countries. Unlike the US, no Facebook be he's the defacto newspaper. It's the telephone system. It's the Email mail system. And so it becomes the everything system, and therefore is very very liable to be abused by those who don't have a good intent and there's history here in Sri Lanka to the government..

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