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Were owned or legally possessed by the shooter. Here's my information that both of these weapons were obtained by the shooter from his father abbot says it's unclear if his father knew he took the guns, adding police also found two explosives, a CO two device and a molotov cocktail. He says initially intended to commit suicide, but told police he didn't have the courage to take his own life is now been booked on capital murder charges and is being held without bond the attack bringing to light a stunning statistic. More Americans have been killed in schools this year than have died while serving in the military. The shooter a seventeen year old student was charged with capital murder. Coming up March for our lives. Park Lane students pull off a nationwide protest these ADC new special twenty eighteen as it happened continues. After this. The year in review twenty Royal wedding in two thousand eighteen and a Royal baby on the way in two thousand nineteen it was indeed a fairy tale treat wedding Prince, Harry and his American bride making Marco walking down the aisle of Windsor Castle. Saint George's chapel lot of beautiful day in may, I Harry, take you. Harry, take you Harry, Meghan, take you Harry. This ceremony was unconventional. Do not love do not know God for God is. This hour in love. It was star studded and culminated the horse drawn carriage ride through the streets after the wedding the reception. ABC's James Longman says a give Harry has given his bride the new duchess a ring which once belonged to his mother Princess, Diana gift. Also for the hundreds who had gathered in minster to see it all in percents fighting next year.

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