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The bears traded up to get justin feels with the eleventh pick but he might be waiting before he sees the field because obviously andy dalton is there as well. Qb one according to their twitter and matt nagy is committed to dalton getting the start start week one starter in again. I can't predict anything. You know that. That's how it goes many things that can happen between today and in week one. But that's andy is our starter and and justin's our number two we're gonna we're gonna stick to this plan i just. I don't know what's the value of digging in there. Yeah and i also don't think anybody in chicago believes it feels looks great in the preseason. He'll play. this is one of these stories. Like what is it june. So much can shave. He looks great in the preseason and the fans are going into spain training camp. I don't get what's the value of digging in and saying like he's our starter like you. You drafted meals at eleven. He actually should be the starter building. Anything with andy dolan. Somebody probably promised. Andy dalton will make you are starter not season-long probably told danny listening you'll start we. Somebody prime made him a promise. We'll start your week. One biard drafting a quarterback. There's no guarantees after that. That's what it feels like to me. But the bottom line is you know things. Change like the clipper series with utah. Collide hurt nothing. I said yesterday matters. We have new information to new series like the bottom line. Is that this kid. Lights it up in the none of it now. This is a relevant. That's what i'm saying like. Why even dig in on it like you guys clearly are having a quarterback competition joy.

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