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And they said i would. I would like to just sit down. Go to the bathroom in just in today. Of course in because he knew that prior he was better able to empathize. I think if we can have coaches do more of that in just the subtext being written is that i see you. I hear you. And i believe you instead of like forcing like i grew up in sport. I don't know about you are coaches taught us. It doesn't matter what the heck happened to you today when you walk through those doors. The only thing that has practice right now. I'm still not good at doing that because we shouldn't be good at doing that. We should never be good. Having to cope with like compartmentalizing are paying which is really just shoving it down because that pain and that her in that three nil is not welcome in the space. Because i can't handle it myself as a coach right In so i love what you brought in. Because i think that so important. That coaches do I do want to mention this And i want to speak to the sport administrators here in the individuals that have power over how sport operates N even coaches that have power over. How their practices operate all research. Suggest in dr john that's based out of the. Uk is the lead researcher on coach athlete relationships in all of her research. Points to every other research i've seen is how powerful the coach athlete relationship is to performance. And so i'm advocating for a complete paradigm shift because we're living in a world now where we're outcome based versus process-based. So we are. Everything is tethered to win. Loss in anything else when losses just a sidebar in so jowitt work along with my work and everybody else is the relationship should be the foundation. And if you don't have a good foundational relationship and i'm talking just a humanistic coach athlete relationship that's infused with cultural understanding diversity equity inclusion than.

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