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Have tom expend one and i don't think we've found out this episode about one being hidden back at besides or a new location so i think good we're just down one exactly so we're just down to three right now even though verners possession of two of them so i guess if you look at it from that perspective it's not too much but if you're looking at it purely from the number that are being hidden i agree it's a little excessive maybe they were sort of spurring people long to say hey if you have an idol you're more likely to play it or to you know create more chaotic game play but i think the studies have shown that like when you have an idol you're probably actually less inclined to do some botic moves because it's just it's like a safety blanket and you feel like oh well you know i my back is up not up against the wall i don't really need to do anything so maybe they feel like they're creating a greater propensity of something big to happen and some big stuff has happened regardless of the idols but i wonder if they're going to wait until another idol is play before they hide one more i expect there to be one hidden at the merge but maybe that's it i'm hopeful that that i do not wanna see survivor south africa philippines idle palooza that's too many colin's for me yeah i mean before tom plays his idol palesa has a clue and she gets the idol but has an idol tom at that stage has an idol and they eat a clue at at luzon so that's full idols in the game where the in a pocket or hidden and that's a lot of tom didn't play it we have four idols in the game it might be one of the moves we're getting to advise get in territory it's too much so i did have a problem with that but i did like the covet covered up the clued that was really smart accepted he ends up finding it in front of john telling tony andruzzi already knows about it so guess it was a relevant but it was a small plan well and also he's not exactly.

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