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With koa newsradio now back to mike rosen at the movies on koa newsradio eight fifty am and ninety four one fm thank you for joining us this morning and maybe every saturday morning christian toto is going to introduce to members of the microbes movie club who have seen deadpool the latest ed pool and we'll find out what they thought yeah heidi heidi on the line what did you think of deadpool two hi guys i i thought it was hilarious i laughed all the way through i you know not only did i laugh all the way through i laughed through the credits now a lot of these movies have those what do they call the end credit teasers their easter eggs extended little sequences this one might be the best you'll see so i agree with you wholeheartedly i found other parts of the be wanting though how do you your fan of the film itself just the laughs or all of the above our be above i actually thought it really held up as a sequel i think i've been so disappointed by multiple sequels over the last six years or how many years we've been dealing with sequel up on and i just thought this one really held its own i i think it laughs at itself and not helps a lot yeah it's i mean it's been half the time mocking both the actor and the whole the whole franchise what it means to be a superhero film what are things that jumped out at me and i may be alone in this but when they first introduced josh brolin's character cable it felt awkward and like a lurch like i didn't feel like there was a natural transition what would you think about him as a character.

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