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It is simple so if you want to pay boomer back for the entertainment that he's given you over the years. Yeah this is the way to do it. Sixty dollars on his sixtieth birthday to team boomer. If you go to team boomer dot org all. We've jerry recco here. Nothing really happened yesterday jerry. There wasn't a ton of stop. But i know that you're something important happened yesterday while it was the rangers. I no no no no no no that that was important. But the atlanta hawks lost they. Did you know the the knicks can get to the fourth seed. They're one game out of the seed because everybody is so bunched up right here and this is why tonight's game and if they can get tonight's game in dallas that would be huge would be fourth seed would be great it would be. I mean to think about the knicks. Be in the fourth seed in the eastern conference before the season started with tom. Dibitetto beginning some coach of the year votes already. Sure i mean he'll he'll get votes if they're in the postseason period. I mean probably. I don't know i'd have to take a look at some of the wins of the utah. Jazz monty williams. Okay omega those two for fifteen. I think they got better players. Yeah coach of the year is always the guy with the least demand expectation. I thought people. I believe people thought was going to be good but i don't know nestle this good sure. Well same thing with utah but nobody thought that would be where they are exactly not a single person thought they they to finish off and i want them getting blown out in dallas or any of that crap. I want them if they can pull this one out tonight. That would go a long way to maybe get into that number. Four spot all right jerry. What else is going on at sports. Well how about the story about the lamarcus aldridge yesterday. He announced his retirement so apparently in the last game he played with the nets which i think was in. La against the lakers. He the lakers said that. Saturday night in brooklyn He experience and irregular heartbeat and so he is decided that that's enough five games with brooklyn he had five years a little more than five in san antonio and i guess it was nine years in portland. He averaged nineteen points eight rebounds for his career then he abruptly says goodbye and obviously very difficult decision for him. Sean marks releasing a statement saying they support Alderson is decision and wish him nothing. But why don't they support him putting out a statement saying look. We don't support the market. All the more we disagree with this decision you hots not that important so you should be plying when did your hatred of the nets begin. Boomer is curious because you used to actually root for them. You did a game there once. Yeah like the way things were going. You liked the building the people there you hate them going the only time. I really like the nets as one. Dr j. played for him. You know what team i liked. I liked the kenny anderson. Derrick coleman draws and petra vich. I like that group. Those blue and red jerseys. I loved kenny anderson..

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