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Ally. I'm out to get to that. Remember when dylan white chose to fight oscar rivas. He chose the oscar rivas because oscar. Ribas beat brian jenkins he lost every round and then he got a lucky twelve round knockout number when ortiz that same brian jenkins and then basically beat them every round. Knock them out in the seven. I'm why did she's like was he is earlier. That's actually that's actually luis ortiz. As big as win. Win and brian jennings sad of you to bring that up. Do you know that is that is the point you saying. He's a fourth king. He got nineteen amateur fights and his biggest winners. What mike perez. Maybe check this out though. Check this out. i'm he chose. The he chose to fight oscar ribas. Because brian gen undefeated. He says he said undies against judge was good but when ortiz beat brian jenkins. Y'all discredited it. So what's good for one is good for the other. You lie you lie. And when ortiz. Be brian jennings. It was fucking ten years ago. Nobody discredited you lying you making shit up that she was on. Hbo thirty years ago. And you still talking about that shit. Call him a fourth king you tripping and guess what dilly dilly white beat robert helena's hellas away. What's up lennie was talking about that you pay tribute dog. 'cause you spit in lies man. You never like dillion white out his spit in lives. That's not true. What you're saying fucking i'm have to pull up. Luis ortiz fucking resume. Because you just making shit up right. Now he fall. Brian jennings one hundred years ago man. Fuck as you talk them out. That's his biggest win. How is he a king who else he be. Kinks would be dave allen. Alexander florez bray for brian jennings in two thousand fifteen a seven years.

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