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The unlucky girl into his car can roll down the passionate window leaned out, telling Rosalyn the bus is gone. I know I've missed it before too. Can I give you lift it's pretty late the two drove a few blocks before Kemper noticed Alice? Lou twenty Twenty-one who also spent too long at the campus library, also studied too hard. She was wondering how she was going to get home from school when campers car slow down Lou notice, the university, staff stickers. Well, also notice roseland in the front seat. So she climb into the back seat. No worries whatsoever. I went on down a ways and slowed down Kemper later, recalled interviews, I remarked on the beautiful view all the while still driving down the road as if he was taking the girls to their desire destination. He's holding his gun, you know, from near his foot to his lap. He didn't picked it up quickly pull the trigger killing Rosalyn who slumped against the passenger door window debt in the backseat. Alice unsurprisingly is freaking the fuck out. Frantic panicking struggling to try to escape he starts firing out here. He says I had to fire through her hands. She was moving around and I miss twice. He finally hits around the temple. She wasn't yet. Daddy, shoots her again. According to some accounts, she may have still been alive in moaning loudly as he approached the entrance to the university. Even if she was still alive, you didn't stop Kemper from driving the girls to a security. Check point guard who saw campers university parking sticker believed his story that the girls were drunk, and he was just taking them back to their dorms. It was getting easier to do Kemper said, and I was getting better at it. So he instead of taking them back to the dorms. He takes them back to mother's house where he takes Alex Alice's body inside to have sex with it and Rosalyn in order to remove the bullet from her head to reduce risk of detection. Then he dismembers and beheads both girls despite taking precautions to not get caught like taking the bullet out of the one head around the time. He L starts getting more, reckless and cockatoos behavior. He loved the adrenaline rush of flirting with getting caught but not getting caught when he dismembered the girls bodies in his mother's house. He he didn't even close the curtains intense. She left him open. He said one of his neighbors was right there in their window. All they had to do is turn their head in order to see what he was doing. But they never did. The next morning camper. Tosses body parts of both girls and the ocean surrounding hills. Alameda County tosses the head separately from the rest of the bodies almost two weeks later after a storm struck elevated counties. Eden canyon road crew checking for damage from the heavy wind and rain saw what at the time. They thought were mannequins instead they found two decanes mutilated corpses. Both missing their heads. X-rays and descriptions girls their families would later determined that the bodies were those of Alice Liu and roseland Thorpe rather poor families having to identify their dead dead daughters. Especially in that way, less than two months later. Camper would kill his final two victims kill him in the same day. On Good Friday, nineteen Seventy-three April. Twentieth. Kemper worked half a day and before coming home contemplated, his mother's death which had been planning for a week. He came home late stopped in her bedroom to let her know he was home hoping that she would say something nice to him to stop what he felt was her inevitable murder instead of greeting him kindly the woman who was tucked into bed with the book said, oh my God. Now, I suppose you're going to want to stay up and talk all night. That's all he said that she said, oh my God. I suppose you're going to tackle night. He said I was hoping that she would say something that would stop this. But instead the last words we shared were a fight fight. Really, dude. It's late. He's not young. She probably has worked long week. So your mom doesn't wanna listen to your big creepy. Crazy S ramble on about your little fucking weaned problems. That's not a fight that someone just not being in the mood to deal with someone who's been a constant cat killing grandparents killing hoping to rape their sisters pain in their ass..

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