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Him. Tony felt his legs move beneath him, not running just walking calmly as he neared her, the girl disappeared, but that didn't bother him. He wasn't thinking about her anymore. He wasn't really thinking about anything, but his legs were moving that felt right. A burning sensation snake, its way across Tony's lower back as if someone were driving hot nails just above his waist. It wasn't painful though. It seemed in some way to be driving him, propelling him forward. He stepped through the kitchen doorway. He should have been at the dining room, but he was upstairs now at the end of the hall. Tony didn't think he'd taken another step and he here he was outside the master bedroom door pulsating with soft light, drawing him in like a moth to flame. And they're in his hand. What was that. A jagged short of glass. Must picked it up in the kitchen. He ran his finger along the sharp edge. Yes. This would do nicely. He was thinking Deborah of Deborah and the class. He knew what he was here to do. He stepped into the bedroom. Now it's time for a short break. When you're finished listening to this podcast, be sure to check out another. One of my podcasts cults cults are often associated with mystery manipulation murder, but what really goes on inside a cult more specifically what goes on inside the minds of people who join cults and leaders who start them are episodes are heavily researched thorough, and you'll find the fascinating join me and my friend, Vanessa every Tuesday, as we explored the history and psychology behind the world's most notorious colts. You can listen to previous episodes on the Moonies, the leopard society and more go to your favorite podcast directory and search cults and be sure to subscribe to the show. So you never miss an episode. And now a podcast favorite. If you're looking to color your hair but are tired of using outdated at home hair-color or you can't afford the expense of a salon. You need to look into Madison Reed medicine read believes that women deserve better. So they offer the quality of salon color with the convenience and affordability of at home hair-color you can get their multi dimensional hair-color delivered to your door for under twenty five dollars, and it's an ammonia free formula. So it won't damage your hair. You look like you just came from the salon. But the reality is you had more time to relax and listen to haunted places. Join the hundreds of thousands of women who have tried and loved Madison Reed. Find your perfect shade at Madison dash Reed dot com. Madison Reed would like to honor haunted places listeners with ten percent off plus free shipping on their first color kit with promo code haunted. That's Madison dash Reed dot com code. Haunted. Now, let's get back to the story. With the gentle, push, Tony swan. The bedroom door wide open, pale moonlight hung in the air, a gray blue pall cast over the bed. It was empty. Deborah wasn't there. Dipper scream, jilted, Tony, piercing through the haze and bringing him back to the present. He dropped the glass shaken at what he'd been about to do horrified that he thought about it even for a second. He turned to see Deborah down the hall standing at the doorway to the nursery. Looking into it, her hand was clasped over her mouth. Tony swallowed his guilt and join Deborah at the threshold. Following her gaze there on the floor of the nursery where the baby stuffed animals, but they weren't scattered haphazardly about be were arranged in a circle, their backs all facing the center. Different asked if he'd done this, Tony shook his head, the baby was giggling in his crib, but he was in his crib. So he hadn't done it either. Debra set something Tony wasn't listening. He was just staring. At her. Her close cropped hair. The curve of her job on her narrow face. He was imagining bashing it in. Tony caught himself. Why was he having these fights? He loved Deborah. He would never. But he wanted to. He told Deborah that they should leave. Now, Deborah couldn't agree quickly enough and she ran into the nursery to grab baby Taylor. She just swaddled the child in her arms and was coming back out to Tony when. Thing, someone shoved Tony toward the steps he tumbled over the railing plummeting down to the ground below. He just barely managed to grab onto the edge of the floor between two Belus tres

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