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Twenty two minutes two goals really words hugo i still hold him was right to blurt that out what was he doing it was so strange terrible like terrible you're up three goals just kick it out man it's way worse than what he did against sweden in qualifying because that was a kick that went wrong right yeah like he'd the ball he'd released the ball this was like caught in possession rightful almost carry us yes so much time kennedy actually had a good tweet are kind of pose the question really have you ever seen that in like champions that same year like i've never seen mistakes these goalkeeping mistakes at the highest level there has been a lot lately not that i've never seen them with highs level i've never seen them in finals in finals yes but even throughout this term it for as much great goalkeeping we did see a wall by the way lorries has had a brilliant tournament and now he's to like i know today wasn't great days for each of them but they both had really good tournaments by large but yeah weird goalkeeping from them today we saw weird goalkeeping from moose lara when he can caballero course while had a great but he even had that moment for belgium remember the ball like kinda squirted through his hands and was rolling back then towards the line he was able to pounce back on a lot of well known really good keepers have not covered themselves in glory at every moment in this turn you know what laurie says to do no i'm afraid of what's coming here you're making he's gonna he's gonna have a week's holiday to rest before you join joins up with spurs preseason he's gonna have to do stuff an instagram video he's going to have to get those hollywood hills we need to know that his life is just fine he's got but he can put the medal on at least that's true shirtless medal run up a hill and then eat an ice cream on hollywood boulevard and carry us can do all the editing he made a beautiful video and then jj that was kind of it after that moment for for lorries there i never chiming over i think they battled manfully in the sense that you several times you saw moderate driving the ball along training create something but i never the game was over anything taught france we're going to get a fifth i kept just thinking if okay if croatia and get one like now in the next couple of minutes they give themselves chip but you're right france are solid defensively and that go down and that's why it was weird like creation does no way croatia can look at their hours say an hour of football and say they didn't play exactly like look at the areas we talked about where they needed to be good they were good in those areas i again it's another game where i looked at hazard versus powered and then suddenly stop for belgium they stopped giving the ball the hazard in this game as well chris rock on top in in the white areas and they really france game this should be proud of their i don't wanna patronize them they should be really proud of that effort and i'm not sure dot fourgoal is against them as a real true reflection of this game i it's that's pretty harsh so let's go through some of the general thoughts now because i know you and i have talked a lot about this pretty much every time we've spoken about france over the last two weeks i'd say yeah we've just we've kinda wondered about them this really goes back to before the tournament started when they drew with the us with the usda performance against ireland was poor right we came into this tournament saying i wonder how you know it's a friendly so okay maybe but remember france were booed off the field by their own fans against the us that now yeah and then the tournament rolled around their game against australia was but they found a way papa kind of nick that goal which wound up being an owngoal another map performance against peru and then the most met performance of the entire tournament for them against denmark when neither team really needed all they needed was what happened and they very much play that way they.

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