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So he has been saying sting, super-busy people were all upset that he is not coming back for season three of insecure. Now, we know some of the reasons he was recently cast in the top gun sequel opposite Tom Cruise. I have no idea what this new sequel is going to be about, but I am a hundred percent on board. I love top gun. It is one of my guilty pleasure movies. It was one of the first movies that I saw in the theater when I was a kid. So I love topgun. Jay Ellis being cast in that is interesting article because so far with the cast that we have seen, you know, they're kind of trying to connect it to the original so far vowed Kilmer already cast, which I am nervous about only because seeing recent interviews with Val Kilmer is tough. It's kind of depressing because he has had a lot of health issues in the past few years, and that has taken a toll. And so seeing him now versus what those of us who grew up seeing him in movies like top gun. I mean top secret, you know, all of those movies, but also back. Man, I still maintain he is a decent Batman. He just does not a good Bruce Wayne, so, but that is a conversation for a different time. So as far as what j. Ellis's role is going to be, if he is going to be the kind of maverick character in this because Tom Cruise's maverick is kind of becoming the viper esque role, so kind of the instructor. So who knows what is going to happen with that? But it is exciting. I liked Jay Ellis on insecure. I'm excited to see what he does in top gun. And it is top gun and I am saying it again on episode one, twenty three. Also, I firmly believe that in this sequel there will be more drone piloting than people expect because yes, we still have amazing fighter jets. The f. f. fifteen is of getting remodeled and they might be making new ones those. But I feel like a lot of this is going to be drones, which I'm not too excited about, but. I think that is just that is where technology is these days. So yeah, watching somebody behind a computer screen with some joystick controls for drone. Definitely noticed dramatic as people in the cockpits of these actual fighter planes. But we will see. And yeah, we will not seeing that movie for a couple years as well. Moving onto another sequel. I mean, it gets top gun is a sequel guardians of the galaxy volume three. Now anybody who has been up on pop culture and in the news, the past couple months has seen a lot of the fallout since the firing of James Gunn for his previous tweets and all of that. First of all, that whole situation is ridiculous mainly because it was brought on by certain group with a certain goal and they succeeded Disney caved and that that is a problem because showing that group and you know group I'm talking about, but showing a group like that. What type of power they have is just a really slippery slope in the wake of that. You had a bunch of people actually the whole cast from guardians, the galaxy volume, to signing a letter to an open letter to Disney, be like brain James, Gunn back Disney's stubborn, and they gotta stick with their guns. So they have they're not hiring James Gunn back. Then there was discussion of Oehler. They still going to use the script that he wrote for guarding the galaxy volume three, probably not not quite sure, but the big news having to do with guardians, the galaxy volume three, that they just announced. Is that it is on hold. Now, again, these types of things happen in the industry. So sometimes it is not a okay. This movie is never going to get made with this one it, something about fuels feels bad. But essentially what happened was they're going to start doing some early principal photography. I mean, they're not even going to start filming this for a few months, but that early production meeting and principal tiger Fiji. Disney was like, you know, the time line has been pushed out..

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