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I'm a little upset. Three ignored on instagram. I've tried the eminem. I want him to play the audio of jonathan isaac from orlando magic. Have you guys had not listened to that. Yeah jonathan isaac. You're talking about right yeah. He's he's another one who does not wanna get the shot right. Did you hear his. He was very eloquent and how he spoke and how he explained his reasoning. And i think that we're losing sight of you know you said something and it's true like we have to believe in the science right but no i said i said i believe in the science. I say anybody else had to. Yeah we definitely should. And we do. And i think the people even that maybe don't want to get vaccinated slow believe in science. There's just some other sites out there also right. there's there's a huge study. A huge study out of israel or two point. Five million people were studied and national unity cove. It was gonna be six to thirteen times more effective than even the vaccine. So a lot of these guys have had covert already. They're like why do i need to get this Well that that's an interesting one because that is true. I mean with the antibodies. Have after you lose sight there could be like a little addendum to it like if you've had covert in the last x amount of time and you have tested positive for antibodies than getting the vaccine is vaccinated players also still able to spread the virus or contract virus. Like who are you protecting. At this point everybody has had the vaccine or had an opportunity to get. It has had it now. So who are we. What is this for good and we. The people don't want to be protected. Are now able to be protected right if you wanna make a personal choice not to have. Maybe the greatest defense because the vaccine is a great defense against the virus. We know that personal choice at this point..

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