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For another Empire. My name is Jimmy. Today is October 6th 2020 off. This could into some 49er news on Sunday. The Forty Niners lost to the Philadelphia Eagles. Twenty five to twenty in a rough game. Here is an injury update from Kyle Shanahan. All right guys and read stuff from last name Ziggy towards by step. He'll have surgery is going on IR later this week. Brett hand should be fined kawann knee sprain is going to be out a few weeks. Most likely IR Pettis has some nice soreness. Hope to get him back practice in Wednesday. As far as the other guys who didn't play in the game. You got Garoppolo Greenlaw moja it in Witherspoon. Hope to get them back Wednesday. We'll see and James it's possibly returning from IR. Kyle also gives an update on the back to be deaf after Nick Mullens terrible game on Sunday. Big guy I realize this is this question a hundred and eighty degrees from the questions. You're asked last week about Nick but do you have any reason thought about changing the rotation of quarterbacks or the depth chart of quarterbacks is Nick still ahead of CJ or is that something that you're going to work through this week something to work through this week? I'm still not sure about Jimmy just finished with the players about 30 minutes ago. So I don't really know what we'll do on Wednesday. I'll have a plan by then, but haven't talked it over the children also talks about the running scheme and that and tons were having effectively running the ball she from your run game so far and just in terms of trying to maybe find that consistency, how do you think it can be better? I mean, you know, we've missed a whole big place, you know since the Jets game which is you know, when you lose so explosives, you gotta be a lot more consistent a lot more consistent and our consistency just has not been good, you know. The last night I think it's pretty obvious had a few chances and you just got one guy with and ends up being a negative play. We're pretty aggressive in our Run game by what we do the way we try to attack people and when you do that if you're off on you lose yards so you can get a lot simpler and keep make it easier to where you're trying to block it for, you know, 122 yards and just see what happens. Hope you can wear guys down over the game. I've always been pretty aggressive when you do that and you got one guy off here and there you get some negative runs and when you don't have an explosive to counteract that that's really Kyle also discusses a line issue. Kyla was an overall challenging for your offensive line all together other. Can you put your fingerprint finger on what exactly went wrong or where they're just different things can be going into the game. I mean that's just got turn on the tape and watch how their d-line plays if you can't stay balanced and be in good situations. I mean that D lines going to tee off and I think you know, when a number of plays the number runs that we did miss, you know, we got in some bad when we got into first and twenty after missing a run then we got the holding call to make it worse when you get in those situations behind the chains whether you're running or passing and they're teeing off licking their chops. I mean, it's a very tough situation you gotta offset on with, you know, some play-action some Keepers and stuff and when we did do that, we didn't make him pay and when you don't make them pay in the Run game, usually those papers and play actions aren't there either so they kind of go hand-in-hand and on the times we did have a chance. We we just missed it. And then that kind of led into the game that you guys saw we had to answer early with that stuff at home. To make him pay on a couple of things you make them think about a few other things and they got to cover a lot more but we miss those and make them worry about much and they teed off and when that d-line T's off he talks about what a tackle Mike mcglinchey needs to clean up Mike mcglinchey in particular seems to be struggling through the first quarter of the Season not playing up to the standard. He set the first couple of years in the league. What are his issues right now? I mean, I think Mike has looked at as good of a camp as he's had here in his third year. So I mean I was real excited my going into the season. I don't think that he has planned as bad as a Baptist. I think when you has had some bad plays it is looked at and they'll stick out all the time with an alignment and he said too many of those in a game you take away those I do think he's done a lot of things better and Mike's played at a high level here for two years. And I think there's a lot of parts of Mike's game that is a lot better at this year than he has been in the past but you get towards the end of game there and some of the and the two minutes situations and he had some bad luck in place which stick out and that's part of the old Lyman but by no means are they I think he's had a step back. We just have to clean up some stuff. He's got to be a little more efficient throughout the game because he has gone better, but that doesn't matter when you have a few bad ones and it's the same quarterback to if you can play hell of a game and you throw a few pics and that's what stick he talks about his decision to go for the onside kick on Sunday. Best behind going for an onside kick there just before the 2-minute warning and why not go for a Touchback on that kickoff. I was going to I totally planned on going back to touch back when we scored with 209, you know, we're sitting there. I called the play that we're going to go for two on and I was sitting there saying all right, I'm going to kick it off. It's 209 so we'll get the two men and we have our time out so we should get back with good field position, but then when they reviewed it and they took the touchdown away and then we scored and was at 2:02 then I was worried about it. I changed my mind cuz I thought if we kick out that the only way of getting it passed it to him in the morning would be to kick it out the end zone. I thought if we would have kicked it and then so on regardless I know what I would have told them they better run it out cuz they running out they didn't have to worry about the two-minute warning. I lost all that and then we ended up maybe losing a chance. So once it went to 202 that kind of thought process is off. I was still shocked that we able to kick it on sidekick and get it to stop at 2:01, which was nice job. But yeah, totally doing that before when I was at 2:09 and then changed my mind. He also talks about when Raheem mostert and Richard Sherman will return for my our team has a possibility for Wednesday how optimistic you about him for this week. And we see the explosive plays and the speed he has obviously but but how much does he impact you from a from plane calling perspective having him available. I mean regime is done unbelievable job. So I mean he he affects everything when he's out there. I mean just the way his explosiveness. I don't think there's anyone in the league that you can compare to him right now and that show ninja you know, both of the week said you gotta play in I think our backs done a great job since he's been out of the you know, Jed McKinnon has been running his tail off running very physical. He's created a lot of thoughts on some stuff hasn't been there. But, you know, we can't wait to get ringback will see on Wednesday. I mean, I'm not I'm not real optimistic, but I know he does have a chance Wednesday and it'll give birth. More each day that goes in the week, but we got to wait see how.

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