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Are you with those that think? BUBBA was playing the victim card, or is this not even still a bad look for Nascar your turn away. Let's get to the cost George Rusty in Kentucky. What are you to say? Hey, what's up I? Show every day. Love what Y'all been. Thank you man, thank you. Definitely did not. Look for BUBBA. He believed the guy on his. Dislike anybody in any team sport. What do most of the time? I do think nice car. Come out of this with a little bit egg on their face, even though they're making all these great changes. Just because they. They orchestrated this whole big. Parade before they even made it on their own investigation to get done. This was something that could have waited till next week's race at Pocono when they had more information on hand. But but I feel like they kind of tried to push this whole. We're changing, and and but it's going to be our spokesman for it to the forefront before they had the information that they needed. Not It looked at. That's true. You can't deny that I think it looks good because their intentions were pure. But. Yeah, there's no doubt that you can. Some people are going to look at it as they rush George. Yeah. I think that if you feel like that, you have A. When you consider the. Death threats that he had been receiving after the confederate flag. Thing that if you look at it and say what was NASCAR being proactive to keep his safety, then, yes, you can understand why they would have wanted to do it to see if safety was even in jeopardy, but I do agree with the caller, and maybe you should have done your own internal investigation I, but but but this is one of those things that when it hits. Hits the media a lot of times that it gets you know it gets magnified and amplify because this could have literally been a person from NASCAR, saying okay, we're going to investigate this and then a reporter here is about it, and then somebody else wants to make sure that they have the scoop to their reporting the news, and then all of a sudden it spread like a wildfire, which was I don't believe which was Nascar or Bubble Wallace's intention because you do want to know. Who, who and where and what happened? Before you go to pointing fingers and all that stuff, because black people have been a victim of that for a long time and think that it is important to always be cautious. When comes to that?.

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