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Be looking to favor production of Ashley store is a processing pumpkin processing yes which I believe is so named because a majority of them end up in processing plants where they're fleshes and finding your carving Pumpkins have the hall on him that's all part yeah there especially popular in Mexico where where cooker Beata pepo originated as both a snack and arrest ingredient Either whole or ground up into a nice little paste pumpkin seeds to sweet sp sp very good in this episode is brought to you by Panera bread ask yourself when was the last time you had a meal that was fresh and filling Pinera's new warm grain bowls are full of flavorful ingredients Harney Chemo Spicy Salsa Verde and creamy avocado full of flavors textures and colors full of good so you'll be full of good too Chhaya new Baja our Mediterranean warm Greenville warm grain bowls full of good now available for delivery Panera food as it should be and we're back thank you sponsor so the oldest evidence archaeologists have sound of Pumpkins comes from the Oaxaca highlands of Mexico dating back seven thousand five hundred years pretty long time where they discovered the domesticated pumpkin seats and these early Pumpkins were most likely smaller and bitter but they were really durable and they could survive the winter because of this they were probably some of the first crops consumed in North America and the native Americans the pound strips of Pumpkin flats and we've them into Matt so not just for food but they would also eat the dry jobs for consumption pumpkin so interesting yes sleep if you just boil them they they tasted quite pleasant yeah they'd roast them they'd roast chunks of Pumpkin over fires bake them dry them grind them up and use them as flower very versatile pumpkin seeds were a favorite of the Aztecs and the Mayans would cook the fruit into sauces toast and grind the seeds and you use the dried out empty pumpkins to drink out of ours bowls or other storage containers which I never considered but yeah Oh of course totally campaigner shape huge huge history Gordon is containers love it with the advent of maize to the region farmers discovered the benefits of the three sisters formation trying to have heard of the resistors here are squash maize and beans and like any good sisters they help each other grow oh how sweet they're good sisters the beam things grow up and along the corn stocks using them like a natural trellis and the bean routes they release nitrogen into the soil which is beneficial for the corn the Pumpkins and or squash vines provided shelter for the roots and kept the moisture in the soil oh sounds like a pretty sweet set up to me absolutely when the spirit arrived in the Yucatan in the fifteen hundreds of the native people served them a dish of corn tortillas and punchy sauce called food for the Lord's that sounds pretty good the speed of light because they took the seeds of back to Spain where it spread and diversified and lots of new foods took a while to catch on remember the tomato but the Pumpkin was similar enough to squashes that already existed in the old world but kind of had a better flavor so so it caught on pretty much Bentley Yeah they didn't have to wait around popular and this is around about the time the word pumpkin first appeared originates from the Greek word meaning lost large Mellon accents in fifteen forty seven. The English started using pumping y'all or peel I'm saying that the accent that the English certainly didn't use but it didn't appear in written records until sixteen forty seven and that term comes from the French good Pope John is yes the the French word for Pumpkin and it was around that time that a bunch of European recipes for Pumpkin custard began to appear within the lower classes anyway through the seventeen hundreds upper-class Europeans referred to Pumpkins as ordinary mean unsubstantial and frequently cultivate aided by the country people who planned to them upon their Dung Hills I'm taking this is a personal affront I very offended and I can't understand people keep insulting foods I just sorta food been like that mean unsubstantial gotten Kinda mad at they don't know maybe something that I couldn't eat if it's difficult to peel sometimes I get frustrated but I don't that pain that was rough yeah but I I mean I don't blame the pain Mellon I do I wouldn't Wanna get eaten necessarily okay well that's fair yeah anyway once the pilgrims started settling North America they wholeheartedly embraced the Pumkin which the native Americans introduced them to impart dude to hardiness they used it in deserts and side dishes and soups the Pumpkin was the star of the first Thanksgiving as evidence by sixteen hundred the three poem entitled New England's annoyances for pottage and puddings and custard pies pumpkins and parsnips are common supplies as we have pumpkins at morning and Pumpkins at noon if it were not for Pumpkins we should be undone the scheme yeah love it yeah but they weren't using it in a way most of us are familiar with the Pumpkin yes right Pumpkin yes what they would do is cut off the top remove seeds and then they'd filled inside eggs cream honey and other spices the they'd bury the whole thing in the hot ashes of fire wait till it was done don't know how they knew but all right and they scoop out the inside including the pumpkin flesh and serve it as sort of a customer kind of early version of the Pumpkin pie kind of yeah and they wouldn't had apple pie that early probably a you know because quash congressional season but decent cooking apples take years and years as we have discussed before yes we have early New England colonist also used the Pumpkin for a haircut template Whoa I wanNA know so much about this they did it to make sure they achieved a clean uniform cut which earned which earned them the name that it named Pumpkin heads you know I just don't know how but anyway I will look into that after this in the sixteen seventy one of the first published Pumpkin recipes appeared in John Joscelyn's New England rarities discovered the recipe called cooking down right Pumpkin for a day and adding butter and spices budget simple the pilgrims were also noted make pumpkin beer by fermenting it along with maples Sugar Hobson persimmons and through the seventeen and eighteen hundreds pumpkin was a relatively common ingredient in beers in the pre United States I suppose due to its availability whereas Multan hops a little bit more rare there's recipes for mashing out pumpkin juice that you do with apples then hopping and fermenting that g as you would with a beer and four beers that start with Multan hops and dried apple and Pumpkin plus other stuff like Ryan Burcin and other flavorings there's actually a later verse of that Pumpkin loading poem or Pumpkin annoyance poem like like why are there all of these pumpkins everywhere that feeds the asli if barley wanting to make into malt we must be contented and think it no fault for we can make liquor to sweeten our lips of Pumpkins and parsnips and Walnut reach chips liquor to threaten our lips and no I have to say I like this poem and also Pumpkin seems to show up and a lot of poems because we were talking about more later yeah fun thing to look out for Pumpkin did fall out of prevalence in a beer here in the Americas until the nineteen eighties sure so and the craft beer movement more about that a little bit yes speaking of Pumpkin Pie what about Pumpkin Pie Oh yeah there were recipes race dude and sweetened pumpkin mixture wrapped in pastry all the way back to medieval times A lot of the recipes you find in medieval European cookbooks we're modernized and later prince by replacing squash with pumpkin because as Lauren said earlier when Pumpkin came around it was kind of just as tastier replacement for squash Yeah in sixteenth and seventeenth century England some of the more well off were familiar with the type of Pumpkin Pie that sometimes involves stuffing apples into the shell of upon mm kindle so using the Pumpkin as the coffin in this went out of fashion and in the eighteenth century and of note is the sixteen fifty it's passage by Edward Johnson about a sign of progress New England being that people were eating quote apples pears and quince tarts instead of their former Pumpkin pies so ak they were eating the more civilized European non-native not that mean unsee stantione Pumpkin Geez tough crowd however the eighteen hundreds of just about the time that the American colonists started the trend of serving a sweetened pumpkin dish at holiday gathering's dollar like Thanksgiving in seventeen ninety six Amelia Simmons's cookbook American cooking right which I'm pretty sure we mentioned before had a recipe for Pumpkin puddings that were baked crust similar to what we have today and there's a fun story about a small town in Connecticut and eighteen hundreds they postponed Thanksgiving a week to wait out a molasses shortage that impacted Pumpkin Pie it's so important to the meal they were like hold up the we're going to have to put this off for a week everybody I hope for all the same page here because I'm not doing thanks living without my pumpkin pie hats blasphemy. I feel the same way I didn't until recently I actually I don't get it but I've only kind of been newly introduced to it anyway back to the Pumpkin Pie and even popped up during the civil war this desert was far more near and dear to the hearts of new Englanders and since many of the most outspoken abolitionist were from New England Pumpkin Pie would feature and some of the writings Lydia Marie child eighteen forty two poem about Thanksgiving in New England ended with the line her for the Pumpkin Pie On top of that Sarah Josefa Hale who has mentioned before is the mother of Thanksgiving and is one of my favorite most bizarre things I ever got to work on stuff mom never told you our history segment so go check that out on Youtube if you if you're interested in delirious she included a brief mention of Pumpkin Pie in her eighteen twenty seven anti slavery novel Northwood quotes yet the Pumpkin pie occupied the most distinguished niche after Abraham Lincoln designated Thanksgiving a national holiday in eighteen sixty three you to this lady's her campaign in he did that he gave into this letter writing campaign in part as an attempt to heal the country after the civil war angry southerners saw as a way for northerners to impose their traditions on them I know with one editorial out of Virginia claiming quote this is an annual custom of that people heretofore celebrated with devout obligations to themselves of didn't Pie and Roast Turkey Oh wow disgusting I know how dare they however with the help of recipes and write ups printed in women's magazines Pumpkin pie spread throughout.

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