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Road rage isn't the easiest thing to manage. Komo Suzanne Phan has some professional tips to keep that anger in. Check traffic can be in Seattle. And it's frustrated as drivers already are middle fingers people off the horn a little bit not necessarily or swear out their window to get even worse. Also is going to be crazy food vendor com. Moore has these words of advice on how to let go that anger. He says remember, we're all human those people want to be home to you're not alone. In wanna be off the road practice. Patience and kindness. Our local leaders reminded us to be kind and be patient during this three week potentially nightmares commute. But the question of how Dr Brad Lichtenstein teaches naturopathic medicine at best steer university. He says try this to relieve your stress behind the wheel bursting is imagine reading into the. Belly allow the belly to expand? Second thing is as you XL blow out the air, slowly and Eugene, imagine blowing out your frustration letting go of your anger and being hind seems easier said than done, especially when others land the horn. I making us want to do the same in the horn, or they'll screen that people just also recognized that the minute we do that. We're also increasing our own range. It's just going to perpetuate it. He says being kind can have a domino effect letting another driver in might inspire that driver to do the same to someone else. So when someone honks at you, remember, this I say to myself, I bet they're having a hard day in allows me to rewire most people realize traffic may be messy even a nightmare. So goes.

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