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Good Morning, everybody. Well, we've made it to the end of the 60 game season, and I congratulate baseball for doing it. We've got the pennant race going on. Yesterday, the Giants lose to the Padres ahs. The Brewers win yesterday and Ah as red Barber said in 1947, all hell is ready to break loose here. On this last day of the season, when everybody will be playing 12 05 Pacific and we've got Giants and Padres coming up. We've got a whole bunch of scenarios that could happen. For the thing to remember. Giants have tto win today. If they win today. A lot of good things can happen. If they lose today they are out. No questions asked, and they lost last night 6 to 2. To the Padres, and today, they put Drew Smyly on the hill. He's been outstanding. The left hand there has been outstanding and the Padres who've really been a pain in the neck. They won two of three of this. Siri's Winnie yesterday 6 to 2 and splitting the doubleheader on Friday night. We'll throw Adrian Mornay hone M O R. E J. O N, a young Cuban pitcher, only 21 years old. Two and two with a 46 earned run average giants of cinnamon relief and then a whole host of other pictures. I'm sure behind the Padres a very, very interesting day of baseball coming up. I'm glad to bring it to you with my good partner. Good friend. Bill Lasky. Bill. Good morning. How are you? Good morning, Marty. How are you doing the last day of the 2020 MLB baseball season, and it's going to be exciting from the first pitch at 12 05 that everybody plays. I think that's so cool that they put that in where everybody plays at the same time the last day. And you can't put the pressure on each other. You have to go out and continue to play and, you know, going to last night's game. Just a real quick thought here that I just thought they play flat yesterday. There just wasn't any excitement. There wasn't anything. A momentum boost at all. And and I tell you watching Ah Mauricio do Bond get thrown out of third base. I scratch my head on that one. I just didn't understand where he was going. Why he was going because that was really the first chance. They had a little moment. Um, And that was in the fifth inning when they had 1st and 2nd and only one out, and it just kind of threw him under the bus there. They couldn't get anything going and they got something the thinning, but they just didn't get enough Well, not grinding out those at bats. And look, this is a team that has lived on their offense, tremendous with runners in scoring position, playing great at home. And it just didn't happen last night, and Zach Davies was was good, but he was gone there in that bullpen, and when you're in that bullpen for six innings there, so you figure you're going to have some chances, but Mauricio, Devon is is a very aggressive young player and fans if you didn't see it last night with Bill was alluding to Giants at 1st and 2nd and strips key coming up and a real chance to to get back into the game. And there was one out at the time is already in scoring position, and they're in the shift for us. Stransky and Machado was sort of, you know, playing halfway to shortstop. And Ah Duvan probably figured in his own mind. That was his own play. No one called it. Heinemann was on first, you didn't go anywhere. Uh, Devon took off for third, figuring he could beat Machado to the bag and no one threw a just a pita third base. Machado almost tagged them, but Divine. It slid past the bag, and then he was tagged out for the second out. And then you Stransky was put out to end the inning. And that was it until the Giants put two on the board in the eighth inning, and they couldn't finish it off. To get it to 3 to 2. But Bill you've been around the game a long time. What does Gabe Kapler do today? Does he need a team meeting? Toe? Wake everybody up last night. He wasn't talking about good at bats and you know a lot of the the manager speak that he's been doing the whole year, he said. I'm frustrated. Well, you're now the manager, pal. And this this is the biggest game of the year for you. How do you get your team? Ready. So, Bill? What does he do today to get this team ready? Well, we don't know if he's had meetings before certain games or certain Siri's. We don't know what happens in that locker room because, of course, all the reporters seven today and be able to go in there and Last night in a postgame show, he says, I have to cool down. I have to calm down to see if I want to do AH team meeting if I want to talk to specific players. But then do bond comes out and says, Hey, we all know what we have to do tomorrow. We have to win, so we have to come together tomorrow somehow some way and win and put the pressure on the Brewers. And that's literally what has to happen. ST Louis in Milwaukee, playing 12 o'clock game also, and I just think Gabe Kapler isn't going to do that. I think he understands his veterans will take the lead here and they all understand they have to have a good game today. To progress into the three game series against the Dodgers of this starts on Wednesday. Yep, Yep, it's belt. It's Crawford. Ah, you know, it's associates. Longoria, who boy He's had a rough Siri's landlord has come up a lot of those. With times, Teo to do some damage. Flores these guys have been around I You know, it's is an experience of thinking. Well, I've got a rant, rave, er, you know, do something or do that you not to do anything. See, that's what you have 13 coaches for and you have to remain calm. Baseball is a game to remain comments, not football, where you have to fire people up in and hit people That's not baseball. The time to have a tantrum is probably after the game when you come in here ever Manager have a tantrum after the game. Oh, hell, yeah, You blew up the spread throwing stuff around screaming at people. Oh, yeah, there would have had a few of them in the minor leagues as well as a big league General Frank Robinson was a tiring when he will ask me. Kit Come in, screaming at people and you know, And then you got Danny Ozark who was so mellow It didn't even know if he was alive. Sometimes it walked into the clubhouse and you're like, Hey, Danny. Hey. Yeah, but that's not the man he was. He was great with the next day, Bill the next day you came in and never know it was, you know, almost screaming the next day..

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