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Over the years has been the biggest problem for me. Go back go back to pile von oh. Go all the way back even to, you know what the Jarrett. What's jarrett? Right. Or his name was. I mean you go back to the acquisitions that he has had over the last fifteen years. And that's why the Yankees stumbled to the playoffs look to get people healthy. And, you know, but the problem to me is it starting pitching it sound if you look at Houston, and you look at Boston last year was the starting pitching that really help those those teams when the champion. Yeah. No question about a rob. He's missed. He missed a couple of big ones. Recently. I want to go all the way back. I mean you jogging the memory here when you mentioned some of those names, but to he's taking a shot on trying to acquire the young. Controllable ace. Multiple times in fail. I think he got it with Paxton, but we're still ways away from seeing a full. Yeah. We're not watching a fully healthy James Paxson. You saw what he could do one healthy. That's the guy that Cashman is wanted. That's the guy that the Yankees need. So let's hope he could get healthy and be that guy for the Yanks. But Michael Pineda and Sony great. Those are the two in recent memory that Cashman acquired out the time more. So for Pineda, maybe they gave up Montero you thought that that was a steel Pineda was, I mean, regarded very highly coming out of Seattle. I couldn't believe the could get a guy like that obviously, he was a bust. You know, they haven't developed their own guys. Well enough. Whether it's, you know, Hughes or Kennedy or. The yanks. Just along the way. Yvonne, Nova is another one that comes to mind disappointing better. Maybe when he left and obviously, sunny gray was the guy that they took a chance on night in love Sonny gray as much as Cashman did. But they didn't give up a ton to get him. They thought he was good potential. Maybe figured out of your obviously, he was a complete bust, so Pineda and sunny or two that come to mind, but yeah, the Yanks of missed on starting pitching and they need it. They continue to need it. Are they going to go out there and get it? You know, they'll try to get somebody, but will it be the right people? Eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six more your calls on the other side. It's Alcott on the fan..

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