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Rising stars for this week. I'll I'll kick it off. Yeah. Get off. We we already started talking about him Dante Pettis to continue the conversation. He's my rising star in a similar fashion to how juju was my rising star. It's what you see. It's not just the box where I realized that the box score was the box scores. Great, right. Seventy seven yards and a touchdown last week comes in this week over one hundred two touchdowns looks great. But what I the reason he's my rising star is because you're seeing on the NFL field. What you love from college. Remember he was starting to get on track before a bad injury earlier this season and that took him out. And then you know, Goodwin was back in now that he's given the opportunity and this is what the third string quarterback. Look am. I saying that Dante Pettis is someone you have to start next week if good. One is out. You don't have to. I think I think he could end up being very good star. I probably would be willing depending on your roster the schedule coming up, isn't that great? But long-term. Yeah. I mean, he is I believe he's going to take over the Goodwin role. Goodwin is never ever been a guy able to stay healthy. Not in college pros Goodwin is a guy that to me will take over the I'm the deep threat that's really where he thrives. I think pet is coming next year will be the number one wide receiver for this team. He he looked special to me. And so he he's he's my rising star. I believe long-term. He's guy you you want. I mean in in dynasty leagues, you know. Files as a you know, electric multifaceted route.

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