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Always is Patrick Antonetti two segments this week three guests. I think you can enjoy this. I was Adnan virk. He has been on this podcast. Many many times always always he's fun always a ton of name dropping and people seem to enjoy our conversations he of course is the host of disowns change up that is their. MLB whiparound show host their boxing in coverage he's now also on the MLB network and has added the NHL Network and we get into a lot of things from the difference be differences between working at zone versus espn his over punish Minniti SPN while ESPN did not keep Ryen Russillo and we're zone might be heading in the future. I think you'll enjoy that conversation and after that it is Ivan May Zell and Jon Dahl of Espn Ivan Zell of course one of the foremost college football writers in the countries covered college football for ESPN since two thousand to Jon Dahl is an ESPN vice president of special projects and original content one of the point people behind thirty for thirty and that is a discussion based on all the content ESPN has for college football's. One Hundred Fiftieth anniversary season. They have a ton of stuff and really good stuff documentary style stuff including a couple of things that I saw on the integration of college football which were really really fascinating and well done. ESPN is also doing all sorts of greatest games. They have a panel to pick. you know the greatest players of all time so it's it's a sport obviously. ESPN is significantly invested in and they have thrown a ton investment towards that all right so I obeyed an virk and then Jon Dahl and I've been mays L. coming up on the sports media podcast all right as I said at the top Adnan virk. This guy has a lot of jobs now at this point. He's the host of zones change up. Which is there era. MLB whiparound show he's hosting their boxing coverage early some of their major fights he's a hosted the MLB network and now has added NHL network network to his resume so obviously I think people know add an for many appearances on this podcast as well as his long career. ESPN and you know one of the Great Canadian Indian icons of his time as well at virk joins us on the sports media Pakistan. Welcome back rich to quote Longley's brokeback mountain. I wish I knew how to quit you. This is a record breaking fifth appearance in your podcast right now to Mel Hill is furiously trying to contact your producer trying to book her next appearance with with the exception of John Oriented James Andrew Andrew Miller. There's been no greater friend of the podcast that me this is probably a sad statement for both of us but it is a thrill three and once again and of course let's make it clear. I'm only here because 'cause Marty. Brennaman did not come through for so listen. You're going to go from the reds iconic broadcaster to me congrats so there's a lot of truth there and let's let's hit some truths first off you at one one point one of the episodes. I did with you when I was at sports illustrated had the most download side ever had it was in the six figures which I still think had to be some kind of glitch but the fact is it exists so am I thought in terms of booking you after that massive six-figure podcast was all right this guy's gold for me. I'm GONNA be booking. This guy the downloads are we're GONNA come. You know s is GonNa. Pay Me extra well that turned out to be true cadence thirteen. GonNa give me a you know a big big castle in the sky well that they're in turn out to be true. What happened in and is every time? I've had you on since them. The downloads have dropped so is it a question of your lack of popularity or maybe I'm not doing as good a job. How would you How would you assess the fact that one time you know you were at like? Bill Simmons Ryen Russillo part of my take type levels and now you're now now. You're like you like a Schmo like me. I don't understand why as I fade into obscurity. I appreciate the fact you throw me a lifeline at least resuscitate my verbal an Iq a Q. At least out there in terms of the the public you rating but I will say this. You're right at one point. I was the number one podcast you had and living like a King I mean I was I was just gluttonous and and boastful useful and then one week later the Great Sean McDonough knocked me off that purchase or call six figures and the next week mcdonagh just dusted me so I can. I can never quite recover of course Sean on should be number one because he's the best and I did my impression free last time I will admit you're right about one thing which is that when I was on the last time I went from top. Billing in the first one was unlock them shared building. I was like the second guest on Colbert because there was me and my man Michael Lombardi together and as you pointed out when I was when I was pumping up sinophile listen cadence thirteen. They're so so happy to get me 'cause they gave me a home for sinophile during the GM shuffling as you know the GM chef oh Geez can subscribe to on Apple podcast doing great. I'm completely writing Lombardi's coattails because he's fabulous when it comes to the NFL he he just crushes people and speaks his mind and as you mocked me the last time it was on. You said you know they gave sinophile just because that's the throw in like they want to do the GM shuffling okay. We'll give you some. NFL to add sad for me to admit but you're absolutely right. I don't think Chris could care less about We need the subscriptions. Please help me out C. I N. Any P. H. E. Go to apple podcast subscribe to Senegal. You never have to listen to it but if you want to hear about the Irishman the new Scorsese Dinner Pacino film I gave a lengthy review spoiler for please. He's helped me out but it pays me to admit rich. You're right sinophile. we're on life support right now okay. Let's be honest listen. I'm with you because at one time I think when I was at SL was the bill of the cadence agents thirteen ball. Let's put this. I was like Tesco in Godfather Eight. We'll go. We'll go to basically now seriously. I'm like gunman number three for cadence thirteen. I I could not be further down the list. Your pockets will Lombardi is the bell the ball so me and you. It's you know we're both struck. We're like right right now. Tim Robbins Swim through that thing and Shawshank hoping maybe to get to the other side and maybe it'll be Chris Corcoran and Spencer Brown Zuzu Watson. Ao to to re up our podcast. We'll see what happens to your credit. At least you've always shelf those guys out like I. I like to listen to podcasts in their entirety so I I love to listen booger McFarland. He was tremendous Emma Bogus during the second for you but at the end you always mentioned John Mccain Chris Cork and like you make sure to give those guys love. I would think that should count for something. One of the things I've really enjoyed writing about when I'm writing for. The athletic is behind the scenes people producers. I find that actually a lot of times far more interesting than the than facing talent like yourself so whether it's Patrick Antonetti Nettie or Taranto Malegaon or Lou Pellegrino Myo producer like I I find those people far more interesting than you know the good hair crew like you and Chris Valor now go ahead ahead by the way here's another thing I wanted to get before you. Give Me Your Book Mcfarland Story. You Love Deniro. I Love Deniro. Have you ever cursed on a podcast. Have you ever draft a fuck. You like Deniro deal with Brian stelter the other day. I haven't reminds me of when Joe blocked was one of your I guess I want to say and I think you actually set him up go. Can you give me your favorite curse word. I I believe backdropped an f-bomb brand of the gate he did now. What is I mean. I know I unless this is sort of against her principles. What is your favorite curse word. my mom. My Mom and dad are going to listen to podcasts yeah so I don't. I don't feel like I WANNA be cursing but I listen the four letter expletive started with F for fits for so many different scenarios. Let me just say this. That is your mom and dad the chances of them listening to the sports media podcast literally are the same as like me flying on the Concorde John Skip come but I will say about when it comes swearing. I do remember this tip that Steve coolest toy this back when I was at the score because you know my buddies sitting Tim and Cabbie my whole crew from the score but coolest and we we used to have serious hardcore satellite Radio Richard Garner Cam Stewart etc and stuff on the score and he on the radio and you can curse here and Cooler said to me he goes was hey just because you can curse doesn't mean you should and I was like okay. He goes people view you a certain way this is Adnan Virk from court surfing and he's on TV and he's clean cut etc voltage are dropping episode kind of jarring and I will admit I do think there's something to that like when I heard buck cursing your podcast. I'm sure Joe Buck uses profanity but it's a little you know little jarring it I I I don't. I don't know if it's it's like you know endearing two summers off putting but I try to refrain by the way did I ever ask you about my God. No one's going to listen to podcasts because it's just way to sort of inside this podcast but did I ever ask you about how you felt about Jim. Miller the time right after your you're. I don't know how to describe it firing or leaving. ESPN when Jim Miller who is a very mild mannered guy like totally like went tarantino basically and just like blasting asking like curses left and right I couldn't that's a guy who I'd never heard drop an f-bomb and then Miller's like given fucks all over the place that was incredible. What I'll I tell you what happened. I had listened to Martian. Would Jimmy trainer. I'd correct me in the time line. I was fired on a Friday. Andrew writes it Sunday Sunday. Monday marshon was Jimmy. I believe Jim Miller was with you Tuesday so Mondays podcast. I remember listening to a Tuesday morning. I'm making eggs for my kids and it literally rich. It's like listen your own funeral because there were there were discussing me like in past tense like at one point Jimmy Nasty Andrew. What was you know what's what's the reaction been an interesting very well like I mean people like that and then these are good guys well like a good broadcaster. And what are his job prospects while they view him as this. I'm like I'm a past past person ocean like I'm no longer living like this is just too too surreal to listen to so then I had no interest in listening to anymore and I didn't want to go online and read stuff because Judah I both discussed test drive yourself mental. If you read everything people write about you the next day my friend Alpha Helwan Alpha message me and he goes..

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