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Rotschild i want him asking i mean look i i don't mind olympics of course but you're the manager and quite frankly he should have known better and both those spots he shouldn't be asking anyone for anything you're the manager i paid you to be the magic in the new york yankees you damn well better know what to do in that situation you wanna get input from them fine but i expect them to know what to do hey listen it's totally fair paul and when you get paid to be the manager of the yankees you need to know full well that when things don't work out one that's got to face the music whether it's fair on out because i know of dave robinson does his job with dell does his job and boone does it have to answer those questions but that's life in the big city that's what aaron boone signed up for and because this team has such high expectations and because the roster is so loaded losses in which decisions could be questioned that first year manager is gonna feel it maybe even more than joe girardi did 'cause you imagine a team i don't care who you are you gonna be questioned at least knows what he's getting himself into eight seven seven hundred thirty seven sixty six sixty six to hades just keep on coming for the yankees tough couple of losses injuries gore what are they looking at now no mckanie no hicks will get into that stage after dark right here on the fat hey dog owners barked box wants to know what have you.

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