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You should be though right do you think you'd be good about be good on the buzzer how's he doing with the latest i think at that age you're always very quick on the buzzer good answer steve what the last movie you saw documentary about underground like god with fucking documentary seattle you go see deadpool two like a person are we watch the movie body slam the revenge of the banana i don't know if anyone knows about like three to battle and sp wrestling it's an underground wrestling group they got shut down by the police because the guy who dressed up as a benign wrestled didn't like the other guys so he called the cops on them they shut down the wrestling crew and they made a documentary about this and it's good to watch because it sounds like we just got the whole story already that's it was like five minutes long it's pretty awesome short docks where where can people see it on i tunes and all the other guys all right and what about you adam do you have a no you were at taylor swift last night yeah so as part of that taylor swift experience i my niece's i asked them to get into something that i like so they had never seen the never ending story before so we watched that i sat to your fucking taylor swift show you better watch my flying dog maybe pretty much i love it yeah i mean there's there's a there's a good bullying theme in there that's a good pro bullying theme was that it's like pro bullying yeah yeah.

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