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Democratic women's working group and they're working on a clothing which has kind of asia what color they're going to wear to gather that's it's the women's working review embarrass yourselves let's all wear the same color clothing what is it's like a high school girls glee club let's the thing and and really bill clinton harvey weinstein you know uh invite mark helprin there are a whole bunch of democrats that are free i know they're free speaking of which jole aachen buck at dr evils washington post the richest man in the world dr evil owns the washington post joel aachen bok as a typist for the democratic party at the washington post he has been suspended by dr evil for ninety days without pay nandan days in though because of accusations of sexual misconduct new process has gone by the way but but that's okay it's the left wherever the left has control there is no free speech no freedom of religion and no due process the new thing they don't believe in any of these concepts these quaint oldfashioned american concepts most franco chairwoman of the democratic women's working group said she also expects to give her guest ticket in the house chamber to a person involved in the pound me to movement what does that me i think harvey weinstein is involved in the pound me to movement he kind of started but hasn't decided whom to invite yet maybe you should invite one either broderick how about that she involved in the pound me to movement because uh you know honestly invite harvey weinstein republicans and the white house should invite harvey's rising kevin spacey and bill clinton had been sitting in the front row lowest frankel says we what we really want is to continue the conversation about sexual harassment.

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