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But we are back to rapid fire to your calls. We got two lines open. Get get those calls cued up and well. We'll get to those as I look, I want to go through. I know. Listen, the last day of the year, everybody's got a lot of questions, comments and so on and so forth. We want to try to get through that. So thank you for joining us here for the, uh, second hour. Sure. Do appreciate it. We got two more hours left. We're gonna stay on phones. We do have a nag report coming up, as is usual for this segment. Then we're just going to stay with phones for the next hour. 45 minutes so cute. You're called. We've got two lines open 6 10 3. 63 11 10 6106 10 3. 63 11. One. 06 10. 363 11 10. So here you call up And we will get to that market saying Good morning Dan have been apart for three years. I've been blessed on 59 have, um, follows your model of individual investment account. I recently moved an old IRA account that was being managed by an advisor group into a brokerage account. Wanna fold. Those Iranian mutual fund investments into your model. I used the tracker. What is the best timing for me to cash out of the IRA investments and reinvest them in the model? Um the timing is going to be driven mark by your willingness to pay taxes. It's a simple that I wouldn't worry about the timing of the overall market. I would worry more about. Hey, I don't want to push myself in a higher tax bracket. And I don't want to have to pay. I don't know how much money that IRA is. But remember, as you move that it's gonna all be taxable. Now the ideal situation you might be. You have probably can't pull it off now. But the ideal situation would have been to move some of it this year and then some of them next month next week. And the taxes for those two moves would have been spread out between two tax years and that might have been a good thing. I doubt that you could get any of them moved today. But So I would just go buy whatever. You want to pay tax on, Remember your taxes are likely to go higher, not lower, but I would do it. Don't worry about the timing because it's got nothing to do with investments. Get the money moved over to your broker's account. It's going to sit in a money market account. I would definitely want to sell out of the IRA investments. Now there is the If I were you, I would do that like today. Because that's not going to get a whole lot better if the administration changes so rather than take the chance I would sell out of those because they're likely have had a pretty good year. Ah, pretty good couple years, so now would be a good time to sell a Zafar is investing goes You know, you might want to wait a little bit. But get the money moved over and our money market account. Then you can wait. Brian is saying Good morning, Dan. I wonder if the $600 stimulus check. Um, maybe 2000 who knows? 6 $600 stimulus. Jack would cover the cost. Have a plane ticket. To Pakistan. To see how our 10 million Gender research investment is going You know what, Brian? I get I get what you are. You're coming from. And by the way, let me just mention this because I don't want to confuse anybody. I don't want to say I don't want anybody to think. That we are discriminating. And with our tax hours And the 10 million For Gender research. Actually, it's more like gender information. I don't want you to think that we're discriminating and we're on Lee doing it in Pakistan. Don't worry. We're doing in a whole lot of countries. I mean, after all, We have a moral responsibility. To make sure that everybody understands that gender is just a figure of speech doesn't mean anything. Obviously, I'm being very sarcastic because it's very aggravating to even think about it. So that's what Brian is joining me in my shark, Azem. Thank you, brother that you brought that up anyway, Um, surely say we're making a donation today in honor of your great ministry. You have given so much to so many. We have benefited greatly from your ministry and we are honored to give back to your efforts. God bless you and your listeners donate. To financial issues. Today it stands birthday. That's what she wrote. I didn't say it. She wrote that I'm reading it. Thank you, Shirley. For that. Happy birthday. How old are you, Dan? About 50. I'll take it, Brian. Thank you, brother. Um, Frank is saying have Ah, Great New year, I would like to be able to withdrawal $12,000 a year for the next eight years from my brokerage account. I have a little over 200,000 in that account. This money would be used in lieu of taking social Security. Um what is the best way to invest this? Money to put it back to work. I'm retired on I have other income. Just get it right back into a brokerage account. Right away and start investing it. Um, based on being biblical responsible. Here's Craig Hagar with rag report will be right back to stay with phones.

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