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All news station northwest news radio Northwest news time 8 O 5 art Sanders and here's what's happening tough talk from Seattle mayor Bruce harrell today as he launched an aggressive public safety plan focusing on violent crime and the problems coming from homeless encampments John O'Brien was there Bruce Harold pulled no punches Overall violent crime increased by 20% reaching the highest level we've seen in 24 years Shootings and shots fired jumped by 40% over 2020 and all time high We will not tolerate crimes as signal a city is out of control or looking the other way We will not tolerate crimes that create intense fear The newly elected mayor quickly focused on crime hotspots in the first 21 days he says there were 37 arrests most felonies in little Saigon stolen property and drug seized police chief Adrian Diaz I've been doing community walks meeting with business owners and residents I hear people's concern and what everyone is dealing with But Harold is looking like a no nonsense mayor When I see crime when I see people still living in the house I have a sense of urgency And maybe more importantly political will John libertini northwest news radio Another teen who escaped from a King County juvenile detention facilities now charged the 15 year old is charged with 6 different crimes including escape kidnapping robbery and theft of a motor vehicle He and four other teenagers were accused of breaking out of the echo Glen children's center locking two guards in cells and stealing a car to escape for the teens have been arrested so far Police are still looking for the 5th Case two toss out Washington's capital gains tax is not before Douglas county judge state argues that it's in excise tax on sales of assets like the tax on real estate sales Joseph bishop henchman of the national taxpayers association told the court that state lawmakers played a semantics game with attacks which is measured by the income from the asset sale You need more than magic words to turn attacks that acts like an income tax and talks like an income tax into something that's not an income tax Washington capital gains is an income tax to the extent Washington's constitution and binding precedents preclude an income tax They preclude this capital gains tax Judge says he'll review the arguments and issue a written ruling in the next few weeks Do marijuana products that emerged after the federal government legalized hemp would be regulated in Washington under a new bill Ryan Harris explained a whole slew of these products which contained delta 8 delta 9 and delta ten THC were derived from hemp after legalization four years ago These products can get you high and they can be found for sale everywhere from Amazon to your corner gas station to anyone who wants to buy them including your kids State liquor and cannabis board director.

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