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Gonna love it why does albert pool six hundredths home run mi nothing to nobody i mean it was a nice event last night and people are talking about it this morning but there's no passion for it as looking at the players in recent memory and i had to go back and use the gifts of the internet's to be able to figure out that yes true there was not any kind of great passion to follow our pool since pursuit of six hundred home runs like there were the other players that have done it before have in fact in the modern era when you've been going for six hundred home runs every single one of your a bats was alive looking even espn was breaking into programming to give live look ends of the bats as players go for six hundred home runs what's wrong albert pool sissy chopped liver or is repulsive victim here a victim of the modern day mentality where people look at baseball numbers and say they don't matter anymore i don't think it's unfair to say that baseball numbers have been clearly depleted and diminished by the players of a previous generation who decided to take shortcuts it happens people's perceptions change there was a time when baseball's numbers were arguably the biggest thing and fans sports people could rattle off stats rattle off numbers there was a day in time when knowing this stuff and being able to recited off was a big deal now everybody's gotta smartphone stats guy doesn't matter is much stats guide doesn't you know command is much attention at the bar as they're holding court and sharing well you know the best batting averages is it's all changed the numbers of baseball though have been severely diminished and what that does is it makes moments like our pulls 602 home run feel pretty much anticlimactic and i've got to wonder and i think it's fair to wonder because of everything we'd seen out of the generation of baseball i believe alber pulses body's been given out on and hasn't allow them to be the same player that he was earlier on his career still relatively a young man when the when the health situation.

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