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There he was and his family and him and was like oh and then he was so cute he wasn't that cute before as cute he was always cute but he was really cute then you know but it was just like this magic moment where i was like oh here there and it was just amazing and then i started flirting with him and he had no idea what to do with them i've been yeah yeah and so after that it was just like that was like he was at he was it and i was supposed to go back to georgia to meet the guy that i was dating like early before we started shooting and i just blew him off was like he is like a what was the top so when you got started dating until he got married like how long was that the fairly quick was like year and a half okay that gives me a lot of hope because maybe i've already met the guy and it just takes time to be telling you it really was like i saw him with new is like and he was so cute i never had looked at him like that right we're it's such a rawson rachel story it's very rawson rate yeah yeah or like well he like pine for like he always like did he dressed up for remember again and then she loved guy and then all of a sudden she's like oh it's you it's you i didn't even see you before and now i see you because i just wasn't in the right place was i was actually worked out great that i was dating this guy reading me so awful and i realized really what what i deserve what i wanted i just had to kind of go through that i guess.

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