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Saw. At least one soon to know it though. I love that your aware enough to see what that would mean for your that term Monet That is that it's those. I think that from MEES was making this whole thing so much more exciting is Unseen. They face is having to other people, and it's bringing them into it because I, you know, I'm quite for now. Now with a Gottfried overplay We for them hadn't Roesma back and I'm I'm living the life of that most people who couldn't even dream of, Yeah. So if I can bring people in and let them experience this and bring people streamed artists wise, bring people up, who can Don't don't try and how people down Vera. They'll all of us get to a point like, Well, I'm not pay Nowadays what we so so hard to get everyone else. You concept up competition. Now. We are going to eat today. Beautiful thing about music is he's not competition holes severely. The funniest thing about that coming on stage of it. But we do currently stage was off to issues up vile caffeine side of stage up into that point, want to go outside and enjoy it from the from the audience. And so he got close to the front as he could in this one was our Skase Mieno's muscle, and that's what am I was as Georgia's dad leave him be hers. That is back But you know, one thing that must be amazing to be in command, that does a similar thing. Like he EGCO's off on the way I like I am aware he is. And if we will be by that sound within with be it in the middle of the crowd chatting to somebody. And I think this for perspective too. And I hope is software my life Like if any my kids are in the might be visions will forever if they go that route to be in there and just to hate people talking about as And so uplifted by someone that you've raised, I think I must be the modest. Absolutely, I so that for my mom side, the stage when I did. The common in Southampton It was Call them people and identity as five-set, and she was getting really emotional because I knew that she remembered looking through for the lounge into my bedroom and are the exact same fabrics. Same. She said, great. This is that his name And you've got This is the same common. You walk through to get to school and is probably the hold of sun hunts and is here and your, but that that he is He doesn't give away a poker face the bus The Times by craftily a smile there. I saw my fellow tear up European guy cooked to Science, beautiful, or if we could you spend on our army recruits, sir, It goes without saying, I think you're going to be doing this for a very long time. I think QC lover, people of food to wear chief, gummy Aegis gonna keep right. And if you go projects in mind, to be honest, woman is like the reason why cold the album time is now. Is that why realizes that is just enjoy this moment? Because everything else, You can always done the hajj cell fat from hopes and dreams. But. If you keep trying to get to that thing where you're going to get com fulfilment and be complete, you'll never get it. Just be here in the moment. I'm happy right now that we were able to this podcast together. I'm living life while it's live in the tree my now on this, so un ungrateful. But we gotta me let us. Thank you very much treasure moment. Good. Without You have a critic, David Wohl, a guy. Then a huge thank-you to Craig and his team for help him put this together. It was amazing. I love to And of course a huge thank-you to Warren bulk editing extraordinaire ocean Griffin for put in the amazing podcasts missions together. Mr Jove Sanger and the closer artist team. Thank you for one of you all for your help and hard work. It means a lot to me. I of course a huge, thank you to all of you supporting the podcast. It really does mean a lot to me. Thank you very much. And I hope you enjoy this week's episode. I showed it And all that is left to say, keep on smiling Dongo changing. And I'll see you next week. Five.

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