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I'm Michael Preston. A fire department training exercise in Bellingham went horribly wrong. The mayor announcing a group of firefighters practiced on a dead body. Komo's Joel Moreno reports from Bellingham with what's being called medical misconduct at dead body was used to practice. A lifesaving skill now. Whatever the intention city leaders vow it will never happen again in July, a dead body headed to a funeral home. Was I used inside this station to practice intimations for firefighters inserted a tube down the throat to open an airway when you have someone who's passed away and their family, isn't there to take care of them? We are the caretaker, and we did not do our duty. Several firefighters came forward later to report what they've done in hindsight when they look back at the totality of the event. I do believe there was some concern to firefighters have since resigned. Others were docked pay. And written up. That's komo's Joel Moreno into Bachchan is often done on the job when fire crews are trying to revive unconscious patients and they routinely practice. The skill training is normally done in hospital operating rooms or by using practice. Mannequins? Lots of complications can result from a bad intimation, including brain damage, cardiac arrest or death. We have an update on a massive building fire that broke last Friday night in every two lanes of maple street will stay closed indefinitely their concerns the west side of the Judd and black appliance store could collapse it caused three and a half million dollars in damage. Investigators say it's too soon to know how the fire started a sixteen year old accused in a shooting last week in Lynnwood is now behind bars he appear in court yesterday. Three people were shot in what is called a drug deal gone wrong. And police say the sixteen year old was behind that deal won't resign. But he won't serve another term if he's reelected. That's the word from state Representative Matt man, Weller and Gomo's Bill O'neil has more that word after Washington state. Republicans asked men Weller to resign amid accusations he had a sexual relationship with a seventeen year old high school student of his in nineteen Ninety-seven men will has denied the allegations which came after he was fired by central Washington University over what was described as a pattern of unprofessional behaviour leading men Willard sue the school. The ACA herald reports men will or told the paper it's important for Republican voters to have someone to cast ballots for the also says it's important to seat be filled by a Republican once he retires balloon Neil. Komo news. A woman attacked by three dogs from an illegal RV camp lashed out at the Seattle city council yesterday. Leslie Shelton says she's complained repeatedly about trash human waste and threats of violence from homeless campers in a fiery address yesterday Shelton said it's time for council members to step up and do something I have medical bills. I have vet bills. I'm going to have to get an attorney who's there to back me. Thank you very much. To help me out. You after the attack last week? The city said it would do a sweep of the RV camp starting October third, stinky, smells might not make the top of the list of major car complaints. But for many car owners persistent batteries are a common problem. Komo's Connie Thompson here with Wycombe and cleaners and air fresheners. Don't always work between dogs kids and even compost a trip to the car wash may not be enough to completely get rid of elusive odor's in your car. It can be really tough to figure out why a car, smells, so bad. There are lots of Vincent crevices at a car were odors can hide and thrive. The Toshi Fukunaga is a mechanic. But.

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