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Of course, if you had told me five years ago that a Steve Starkey Z is gonna be in lined of become the next head coach at university. At some point, you're crazy. You're plain fool, but But Alabama has a way of resurrecting people. And, you know, Brian Day balls, one of them, So I don't know. Brian will be successful with a ton of talent. I think I personally think that that O'Brien needs to be I'd coach in college somewhere because in college you look you have all the control. You have all the power you gotta you gotta kiss but with the boosters every now and then, But look He just he needs. He's just a hyper hyper control freak. And, but he's not qualified to do it at the NFL level. Seth Payne from Houston with us here after hours, CBS Sports Radio, So you mentioned they interviewed Erich the enemy. I'm glad the NFL found that loophole. It's Salas already been claimed by the New York Jets. What coach eyes the right fit for the Texans with all this mess that's brewing. Look, I think there's been an understandable tendency to think that O d Shawn wants the best offensive coordinator. He wants somebody you can help him out is the quarterback. Don't think that that's fair because this Sean for one, I know he was very high on Robert Stahl. I the people of people close to the Sean have told me that he was very high and Robert Stahl and I know that's been reported by. I think Mike Florio now, um in He's spoken, very highly of Maddie riff loose the defensive coordinator for the Colts. All the dish on is that publicly is that he wants better, a better culture and better leadership. And I don't think that that restricted just Eric the enemy. I think that there are several candidates that you would probably like, and I also don't think that at least we don't really have an indication Who believe that the Sean wanted to hand select the next general manager, the next head coach, I think that I think that Maddie riff loose. I think that Eric the enemy. Um, I think Leslie Frazier. I think all those guys fit the bill in terms of Guys who were who can be leaders and speak to two men and motivate them and maybe have just a different atmosphere than they had under Bill O'Brien and Remember, the song came out of a championship environment playing for Davos, Sweeney dabbles Tempo Sweeney and Bill O'Brien. They had their alike. In some respects. They're vastly vastly different in other respects, and I think Sean wants a little bit more. Daboo and his life work before you know, Dok said about 30. Seconds before I let you go, but Briefly other than patching things up with their star quarterback. What else to the Texans need to do in the off season? The Texans need to figure out a way to get some more talented playmakers on their defense. They don't have a lot of cap space to do that. I think it's it's an inevitability that JJ Watt probably gets traded, Unfortunately, and I would say to any team out there J. J has a lot of really good football in him. But this year he was one of the only good playmakers on defense, and they ran away from him every chance they could be the opponent itself more playmakers on defense because the Sean Sean doesn't need a better offensive coordinator necessarily. He needs help on defense and you need to running game. The pain was a defensive lineman in the NFL for both the Jaguars and the Texas Now he's part of the morning show on sports radio. 6 10, Our Houston affiliate. Love the sense of humor. We need that these days being a nice guy owned radios overrated says so. Just give it up. Thanks for a couple minutes. I'm gonna go insult the Morrison Sounds like the perfect plan. Thank you, sir. Hey, my pleasure. Hey, instead of Pender, he and Sean Pendergast Excuse me do the morning show and we've had them both here with us On after hours. They're both of whom? So you can imagine there show has been fire over the last couple of months. Oh, check him out on Twitter. It's easy to find at Seth see pain and his thoughts on the Shawn Watson. Trading him away would be the dumbest move that this franchise could make. And I agree wholeheartedly, So maybe it's just set the night on the island. But I can't imagine why the Texans would ever do that. 855 to 1 to 4 to 27855 to 1 to 4, CBS. I didn't think the rocket should trade away James Harden, either, but he managed to worm his way out of town. Here's our latest sports update. And here's Brad Heller. See me? Yes. Sports flag. All right, Amy some terrific finishes in the MBA Monday. Starting at Staples Center could LeBron saved the Lakers after they blew a 14 point fourth quarter lead against Golden State. Caruso far sideline to hand to the ball up top. James He dribbles. He shoots the time the way it's no good. It's off the back rib and an amazing comeback victory for Golden State in L. A. Tim Rory on Warriors radio Final score. 1 15 1 13 Steph Curry led the way with 26 points. Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, he's got it. Three all the way no good, too strong Hardness own rebound out to the Red Open. Three done. Okay? 80 on the offensive rebound by the beard. And the Nets. Take a two point lead with 34 seconds to go..

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