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Impeachment posturing moving the bull I'm Martin occurred at the White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney stood up Democrats in their impeachment inquiry by skipping his deposition correspondent Phil Mattingly is on Capitol Hill with more all systems go was the message I got from a democratic lawmaker working on these committees investigating this a short while ago in other words the public hearings will go forward the process will go forward in the next time according this lawmaker you're probably going to see Mick Mulvaney is name at least from Democrats is in an article of impeachment drafted specifically to deal with obstruction pretty much everybody who's declined to come in because the White House is directed them to will end up in that sphere Democrats to release the closed door testimony from impeachment witnesses feeling ill and within a colonel Alexander Veneman correspondent Kelly at what has more on hill's testimony Fiona hell had been at the White House essentially since day one as the top Russia adviser to a president trump and she is painting a picture of how she came to know about the role of Rudy guiliani the president's personal lawyer she was never briefed that he had a formal role with regard to Ukraine policy jurors in New York City often heads of the start of Broadway to pose for pictures of the famous charging bolts that you soon correspondent Steve castable reports it will be located somewhere else the charging bull statue is both the tourist attraction and a magnet for protesters a few weeks ago it sustained damage during a climate change protest well now the city is going to move the sculpture although officials haven't said where the street in front of the New York Stock Exchange is one possibility it's highly secured and can only be accessed by foot federal health officials report a breakthrough in their investigation into the cause of an outbreak of vaping illnesses CDC deputy director says the compound when a mini acetate was found in vaping fluid used by many who got sick I'm Barton occurred ABC this program is sponsored by radiosurgery New York the views expressed by the following program are those of the sponsor and are not necessarily the opinions of seventy seven W. ABC or cumulus media not.

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